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June 20, 2021

Snowfalls cut roads, localities left without power

By    Adina Popescu

The winter has reclaimed its due in some of the country regions, making road traffic difficult and affecting power supply networks. According to Mediafax, the traffic on the Bucharest – Constanta motorway between the Basarabi and Agigea localities was blocked because of the blizzard and snow yesterday morning and the traffic on two other national roads in Constanta County was difficult. According to the Prefect of Constanta, five Bulgarian lorries were stranded in the Mihail Kogalniceanu locality. Because of the bad weather, the activity in the Constanta South Agigea Port was restricted for several hours. Ninety localities in Constanta County remained without power supply after the abundant snowfalls and blizzard Saturday night and fifty-nine localities in Tulcea County are in the same situation, according to an Enel Distributie Dobrogea release. Because of the outage, several water pumping stations ceased operating, leaving several localities’ residents without running water.

Three leisure boats sunken under the heaviness of snow in Tulcea Port Saturday night, but no victims were reported. The three boats were unsupervised and the specialists say that if a person had been onboard to take care of them and remove the snow, they wouldn’t have sunken.

Snowstorms in the mountains

Snowstorms were reported in the mountains creating problems to road traffic on DN1 A, at the border between the Counties of Prahova and Brasov, in Cheia. On Saturday, traffic was also difficult for several hours on DN1, in the area of Prahova Valley mountain resorts in the climbing direction, where motorists had to drive in a column from Comarnic to Azuga.

Road traffic was also affected by the heavy snowfall during the week-end on all national roads in Bistrita-Nasaud. In Salaj, the most difficult traffic conditions are reported on DN1C, at the border with Maramures County, and on E81 making the connection with Cluj County, because of the flaky snow covering the roadway.  According to the Bistrita-Nasaud Water Management System, the thickest layer of snow was in Valea Mare – 40 centimetres and Piatra Fantanele, in Tihuta Pass – 30 centimetres. Yesterday morning in Bistrita-Nasaud the recorded air temperature was – 9.5 degrees Celsius. Road traffic in Bistrita was also impaired by fog, especially on DN 17, in the Tihuta Pass, connecting Transylvania with Moldavia, where the visibility was less than 50 m. Yesterday, Bistrita Salvamont issued a warning for a high risk of avalanche in the Rodna, Calimani and Tibles Mountains, advising tourists not to climb the crests.

First significant snowfall in Bucharest

On Saturday, it also snowed more significantly in Bucharest for the first time this year, but the rather high temperature did not allow the snow to accumulate. More issues came from the ice covering the roads of Bucharest during the night. According to the Bucharest Municipality, over 40 snow-clearing pieces of equipment were on the streets, spraying antiskid material.

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