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November 27, 2021

Severe snow and blizzard alert for Bucharest and 30 counties

The temperatures will drop by Thursday evening. Extreme cold expected during the night and in the morning and mostly in the east, south and centre of the country.

Meteorologists yesterday issued a yellow code alert for Bucharest and 30 counties where they expect abundant snowfalls and winds at up to 70 km/h creating snowstorms in some areas, from Tuesday night until Thursday evening. According to the alert issued by the National Meteorology Administration (ANM), in the mentioned period the weather will deteriorate in the south and east of Romania and in the mountains. ‘In those regions there will be abundant snowfalls, with quite important layers of snow. The wind will have sustained intensifications, blowing at speeds of over 60 – 70 km/h, especially in the counties in the SE of the country where snowstorms are expected’, ANM says. In Dobrogea, South and Eastern Muntenia there will be mixed precipitations and roads will become icy.

Bucharest Prefect Mihai Cristian Atanasoaei yesterday asked the district and the general mayor ‘to be ready for a quick intervention to clear the snow from the streets of the capital and to be prepared for bad weather in the following few days’. General Mayor Sorin Oprescu actually convened the winter command body for a meeting last night.

The detailed weather forecast anticipates important snowfalls on Wednesday especially in the south, centre and east of the country. The air temperatures being higher, on the coast there will also be rain and sleet, which will favour the formation of ice. The wind will blow quite heavily in gusts, chaffing off and drifting the snow. The thermal regime is close to normal, with highs from – 2 degrees C at Miercurea Ciuc and no more than 6 degrees C in Constanta. Gusts, snowfalls and no more than 1 degree C at noon are expected in Bucharest The weather will be similar on Thursday, with many clouds, snow and gusts in most regions except the west. Temperatures will suffer a notable decrease in the east and south-east, by 6 – 7 degrees compared to the previous day and the generally negative highs will be from –7 degrees C in Northern Moldavia, in Suceava, and 2 degrees C in the Western Plain, in Timisoara. In Bucharest the specialists expect drifted snowfalls and a noon high notably below the frost threshold, at no more than -3 degrees C.

It will also be getting cold in the mountains. The clouds will completely block the sun and there will also be snow, gradually expanding to all massifs. During the night the wind will intensify especially up on the crests.

On Friday the weather will be cold and extremely cold at night in a majority of the regions.

Until recently, Romania and especially the south of the country had benefited from an unusually warm winter, without snow.
Following the snowstorms last Saturday, several schools in Constanta County still had problems yesterday, having no running water and electricity. Constanta County School Inspectorate officials reported that classes were suspended because of the lack of electricity yesterday in the Ramnicu de Jos school and reduced to 40 minutes and breaks to 5 minutes because of lack of heating in a few other schools in Darabani, Rasova, Pantelimon, Mereni and Castelu. On Monday, the blizzard suspended classes in 22 schools in 20 localities in Constanta County. The classes will be recuperated on the following Saturdays. According to Enel Distributie Dobrogea, 367 consumers in Calugareni, Negresti and a few households in Mihai Viteazul were still without electricity yesterday at 9 am.

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