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September 26, 2021

Anim’est film night at ICR

This year’s first film night at the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) is dedicated to Romanian animation, under the Anim’est heading. Tonight, from 6pm, ICR (38, Alexandru Alley) will host a screening of the 20 finest local animation shorts of 2011. The screening will be followed by a debate bringing together Mihai Mitrica, director of the Anim’est festival, Vlad Ilicievici, Anim’est executive director, Toma Peiu, the festival’s PR representative, as well as the directors of some of the productions selected. The films will be presented with English subtitles. The public’s access is free, within the number of seats available.


A tánc / The Dance (2011, 2’19”), directed by: Klára Balázs

Action Movie (2011, 1’15”), directed by: Bogdan Mih?ilescu

Clinica / Clinic (2010, 1’38”), directed by: Török Tihamer

Dodo si Tic / Dodo and Tic (2010, 5’00), directed by: Gabriel Vasiliu

Euro potentia est (2011, 1’06”), directed by: Szocs Tamas

Evolu]ie cromatica / Chromatic Evolution (2011, 1’55), directed by: Ana Tomescu

Fresca – Blestemul lui Dragulea / The Fresco – The Curse of Dragulea (2010, 14’00), directed by: Ion Octavian Frecea

Growing (2010, 3’14”), directed by: Roxana Ben?

IRA (2009, 1’06”), directed by: Radu Gaciu

It’s a Living (2011, 1’45”), directed by: Cristina Zoica Dumitru

[klun] (2011, 5’00”), directed by: Vlad Sandu

Mr. gRAPE (2011, 3’20”), directed by: Andra Beril?

Suntem europeni!? / Are We Europeans!? (2011, 1’15”), directed by: Fekete Szabolcs

The Dog and a Little Bird (2011, 2’43”), directed by: Adrian B?lu??

The Sphere (2011, 1’40”), directed by: Zoltani Levente

The Scream (2010, 3’22”), directed by: Sebastian Cosor

Travelling with My Thoughts Full of Hope (2011, 2’16”), directed by: Adrian B?lu??

Visul ciulinului (2011, 1’30”), directed by: Nina Mihaila

Voxelboy (2010, 3’40”), directed by: Ureche Octavian

Wake Up (2011, 1’35”), directed by: Florin Dragoi

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