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March 31, 2023

“Royal Fashion” by Dan Puric

On Saturday, from 7pm, the Bucharest public is invited to the “Royal Fashion” show, which celebrates the royalty model in a synthetic overview of the centuries during which this symbolical gem of the finest human qualities was fashioned and refined. The tableaux, a fusion of classical ballet and pantomime, take us on a journey throughout history, an excursus which starts a long time ago in faraway lands, to the rustling sound of crinolines, clinking armours and dance steps, and ends in the here and now.

Dan Puric’s show stirs soul-searching questions and inner unrest. “Quality plus quality does not add up to a sum, a mass, but rather to an ineffable light which effortlessly draws other qualities. Monarchy is like sunlight, in which the butterflies of genuine quality could fly free, without the fear of burning their wings. Communism and today’s chaotic, nameless, yet sinister, world are artificial light; a lamp or a light-bulb drawing poor, naïve butterflies which are consumed by the flame, their wings scorched by the killing heat. Romania has been mercilessly killing its quality butterflies, to this day. This is why I’ve produced this show, to put out the sinister light, to open the window and let the sunlight in,” Dan Puric, the writer and director of the show, argues.

Venue: Lipscani Theatre – “Rapsodia” Hall

Address: 53, Lipscani Street

Organizer: “Passe-Partout Dan Puric” Theatre Company

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