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March 30, 2023

Rosia Montana goes out in the central Square to claim its right to employment and decent life

Rosia Montana, 27 January 2012 – Rosia Montana is not just an empty phrase that the activists who claim themselves ecologists keep on uttering to remain in the public spotlight. Rosia Montana it’s us and our children, Rosia Montana is the heart of the Apuseni region and it means mining. The “Future of Mining” Trade Union is organizing a public gathering in the central square of Rosia Montana to prove to the entire country we have had enough of others speaking on our behalf, because we can no longer accept that others should ask for measures “to save us”, on the streets in Bucharest, under the pretext they want the best for us!

Rosia Montana can only be saved at Rosia Montana, so we are expecting all the brothers, children and parents of miners from Rosia Montana, all those who know that Rosia Montana has been living on mining and who know that mining remains the solution that will save them.

We propose to convey the message to the Government that it is high time they make the decision to restart the mine, and not to delay it anymore, in order to prove responsibility and political will because we want to have jobs for us and our children. We want mining to have a future, at Rosia Montana and other parts of Romania.

In Bucharest, organized groups of activists have been trying over the past two weeks to confiscate the manifestations which have been taking place across the country, to make the Romanians believe that the people’s discontents with the salaries and the lack of employment are equally linked to stopping mining at Rosia Montana.

The “Future of Mining” Trade Union expresses its disapproval and disappointment that a trade union confederation such as Cartel Alfa has fallen in the trap of activists and is opposing an industrial project which generates employment. If the trade unions have stopped fighting for jobs, then what’s left to do? We are making an appeal to our trade union fellows to join us, because we want what they want: jobs, food for their children, a better future for each and every one of us and for the country as a whole.

The times of silence are gone. Rosia Montana shall make its voice heard. We are waiting for you on Saturday, starting 10.30, in the central Square of Rosia Montana.

Future of Mining Trade Union

Cristian Albu, President

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