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December 9, 2022

Protests continue in Bucharest and other large cities

The protests against President Traian Basescu and the ruling power continued this weekend throughout the country, despite freezing temperatures. In Bucharest’s University Square protesters asked, for the 15th consecutive day, for the President’s and Prime Minister’s resignations and for early elections. With temperatures plummeting far below the freezing point (there were -10 degrees Celsius – editor’s note), the protesters, “armed” with two large flags, shouted for several hours against the ruling power, the most used slogans being: “your resignation, our happiness” and “all Romanians will unite to rid the country of thieves.” The protesters also carried placards reading “SC Romania SRL, the people – 100 per cent shareholder, Basescu, Boc, Udrea and PDL – administrators,” “master, the suckers insist,” “ruling power not set in stone” and “I’m not a serf, I’m descended from a different Traian.”

The protests continued in Timisoara too. Although they were fewer than in previous days, people came out to ask for the resignation of the ruling power and for minimum and tax-exempt salaries of EUR 500. On Saturday, the 16th day of protests in the city, a man sported a red flag bearing the marks of the former Romanian Communist Party and on which the following names were written: Basescu, Roberta, Boc and Udrea. Likewise, four youths brought a coffin in which Traian Basescu and Emil Boc were symbolically laid and left it on the stairs of the Opera. According to realitatea.net, on the same day another 2,000 people took part in a protest meeting organized by USL in Timisoara. Protesters carried placards reading “Traian show dignity, leave through the front door, don’t wait for a kick in the back,” “I’m a rather nervous worm and I came to topple you” and “Sailor, take the ship because the people no longer want you.”

The people of Constanta and Suceava braved the severe cold too and came out into the streets again. People stated that they will not give up their protests until Traian Basescu resigns and the current government is replaced. In Arad however, freezing temperatures seem to have intimidated the protesters, only 30 of them coming out on Friday in the 13th consecutive day of protests outside the Arad City Hall. The protest ended after two hours, several protesters being asked to identify by riot policemen. “I just got here (in the square – editor’s note), I haven’t even shouted anything and they came to ID me and to write me down in a notebook. Back when we were more numerous the gendarmes never dared do this to us,” a disgruntled protester stated for Mediafax.

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