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May 9, 2021

PDL leadership toughly rebuked by party members

Elena Udrea contended with Radu Berceanu, Cezar Preda and Vasile Blaga suggested Emil Boc to resign.

Tuesday night PDL leadership meeting with the party’s political groups in the Senate and Chamber of Deputies ended up making the sparks fly, Hotnews quoting political sources as saying that frontline leaders were criticised and also rowed with each other.

The sources say Emil Boc asked the MPs to have trust in him and President Basescu, telling them that he knew what needed to be done, but that he could only communicate his decisions after the Constitutional Court has motivated its ruling on the combination of local and parliamentary elections. ‘We still need a few pieces for the puzzle and both I and the president will tell you what we will do next,’ Boc reportedly said behind closed doors.

But it seems that Boc’s explanations could not satisfy some of the PDL MPs who were more annoyed than reassured by his speech. The quoted sources noted that Cezar Preda said a government reshuffle was not going to be enough at that point and that the party was in a very delicate position which required radical measures. After the meeting, Preda told Mediafax that he had asked the PM to stop saying that, if the Boc Government went, the country would remained ungoverned, noting that he had not urged the Boc Government’s departure.

‘I have had enough of these slogans, by taking it easy we will end up in hell. If you know what needs to be done, please share it with us, because we don’t. The party is not going to die without Blaga or Boc,’ Vasile Blaga also reportedly said to the premier, adding that the party had to be run based on clear and transparent rules. ‘You are standing before the parliamentary groups and you have the obligation to tell us transparently and honestly what decisions you plan on making for the party, with a subject and a predicate rather than in this mysterious James Bond-like style of address,’ MP Raluca Turcan also said.

On the other hand, Roberta Anastase and Elena Udrea tried to calm down the spirits. ‘We can still recover in the opinion polls. A good example is Israel that was confronted by street protests but where the ruling party has gone back to 40 per cent in the last few months,’ Elena Udrea tries to convince the dissatisfied colleagues, while Chamber Speaker Roberta Anastase reassured them that the party was considering a gerrymandering strategy in order to maximise the changes of the PDL locally-elected officials to obtain new terms.

On the other hand, Udrea reportedly held against Radu Berceanu the fact that he had criticised the party on TV, accusing him of being stuck in the logic of internal party elections. Berceanu’s answer was, according to sources, not to provoke him, or he would ‘make a tour of TV stations’ that night, and would ‘show her what it means not to spare the party’s blushes’.

The choir of the unhappy was joined by MEP Cristian Preda, who, in fact, is known for being critical of Boc and his cabinet. Yesterday, on RFI, Preda commented on the tensed PDL talks, saying that ‘no one had the audacity to go public with whatever reproaches they have to make to Emil Boc and disuses it only behind closed doors; they feed information to the media under protection of anonymity and I understand that they don’t have the courage to tell Emil Boc that they are no longer supporting him.’ At the same time’ Preda reiterated an older idea that, given the conditions, a solution for overcoming the impasse would be an independent premier.

Ex-FM Teodor Baconschi, recently ousted by Boc, also denounced the performance of the party in an interview for Deutsche Welle, saying that, for the moment, he hadn’t felt that ‘PDL was acting as a coherent force, powered by enough political will.’ He also announced his intention of running for a seat in parliament in this year’s election.

At an official level, the PDL meeting is, indeed, taboo. After his talks with the Democrat-Liberal MPs, PM Emil Boc only stated that the legislative priorities for this parliament season were the rewriting of the Constitution, the law on the entry into force of the Code of Civil Procedure and another law on the government-parliament co-operation in respect of European affairs. He said the Constitution review continued to be a paramount objective of PDL’s who wants to fulfil Romanians’ express wish to have a unicameral parliament and fewer MPs and that it was something the Opposition would have to understand. At the same time, Boc stressed out that the government should continue to act responsibly even at an electoral cost, that being the reason why he could not promise any wage and pension rises for the moment.

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