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September 25, 2020

Number of flu and virosis cases, on the rise

The Health Ministry yesterday announced that 24 case of influenza were confirmed during the last week of January, along with 15,400 cases of pneumonia and almost 62,000 viral infections of the respiratory system, while 15 pc more Romanians went to see a physician compared to the previous week.

Also during the last week of January, 77,354 cases of acute respiratory infection were identified by doctors at country scale, approximately 15 pc more than the previous week, according to a report sent by the National Monitoring Center for Transmissible Diseases to the Ministry of Health (MS).

Out of this total number, 15,542 patients were found with pneumonia and 61,841 with respiratory virosis, MS informs in a press release.

So far, 24 patients were confirmed as infected with type A influenza virus, subtype H3. During 23-29 January, 9 new cases of AH3N2 viral infections were confirmed.

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