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October 16, 2021

Majority, Opposition leaders invited at Cotroceni talks

The main topics on the agenda include the ratification of the EU fiscal stability treaty and the activity of the Legislative. Representatives of the ruling coalition confirmed their presence, while the opposition accepted the invitation in principle.

By    Daniela Baragan

The week starts with a round of consultations at Cotroceni Palace, in which both the ruling coalition and the opposition parties were invited to take part. According to a press release posted on the Presidential Administration’s website, the topics on the agenda include the ratification of the EU fiscal stability treaty, as well as dialogue between the political parties and the operation of the Legislative.

“Representatives of the Social-Liberal Union (USL) are expected at 12am, while representatives of the Democratic-Liberal Party (PDL), the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR), the National Union for Romanian Progress (UNPR) and the ethnic minorities’ parliamentary group are awaited at 1pm,” the same release reads.

As was to be expected, PDL, UDMR and UNPR answered right away to the president’s invitation. “PDL hasn’t made a decision yet, but we will most certainly opt for a bill to support the intergovernmental agreement and to accommodate it within the national legislation,” PDL secretary-general Ioan Oltean stated, quoted by Mediafax. The Democrat-Liberals are to decide in the morning (today), during the weekly Political Bureau meeting, who will be on the delegation taking part in the consultations at Cotroceni and what their mandate will be.

Dialogue seems to be the “key” to all problems for UDMR representatives as well, as the Union leader Kelemen Hunor stated that his party would plead, during today’s consultations, for dialogue between all the political forces throughout 2012. As regards UDMR’s mandate, Kelemen argued that Union would present its own analysis of the present situation. “Whatever we have to tell the head of state we will tell him in the flesh, not via the press,” the UDMR leader added.

USL also accepted, in principle, the president’s invitation. The announ­cement was made by the PSD president Victor Ponta, who stated that a final decision in this respect, as well as concerning the mandate the opposition would present at the Cotroceni Palace, would be adopted during this morning’s USL leaders’ meeting. The head of state would have had to concern himself from the very start “with the constitutional provisions of his mandate”, but he “preferred to be a player, rather than a mediator, he was at the helm of the government, at the helm of PDL, violating the basic provisions of the Constitution, thus losing the credibility which should be associated with the president’s office,” the Conservative Party (PC) leader Daniel Constantin stated, in turn.

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