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May 19, 2022

Industrial turnover figure and orders on the up in 2011

The overall industrial turnover figure, domestic and foreign markets combined, nominally fell 10.2 pc from the previous month and rose 4.3 pc year-on-year. The indicator rose 15.6 pc for the whole last year, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INS) report.  The drop against November happened on account of a 10.5 pc decline in the manufacturing sector, and 3.2 pc in the mining sector respectively. The industrial turnover figure in 2011 rose year-on-year  on the strength of the 15.9 pc increase in the manufacturing sector, and mining sector, 8.3 pc. The turnover rise concerned all the industrial sub sectors as follows: energy, 23.8 pc, by-products, 21.4 pc, capital assets, 13.9 pc, staple goods, 7.6 pc, and durable goods, 5.3 pc. Also, an INS report showed new industrial orders, on domestic and foreign markets combined, soared 13.4 pc last year, although the December indicator saw a decline from both the month before and year-on-year, 8.9 pc and 1.8 pc respectively. In 2011, the indicator rose on the back of increases posted by all the industrial sub sectors as follows: by-products, 18.7 pc, capital goods, 10.8 pc, durables, 10.1 pc and staple goods, 8.1 pc. Also, primary energy and electric power resources were up 2.1 pc in 2011 against the earlier year, electricity consumption, 4 pc, and exports down 19 pc, the INS also announced yesterday.

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