Teodorescu: Ungureanu, just as obedient to Basescu as Boc was

In an interview for ‘Jurnalul National’ daily, political analyst Bogdan Teodorescu claims that the current Prime Minister will be “just as obedient” to Traian Basescu as his predecessor was. “Until now Mr. Razvan Ungureanu has not shown that he will have his own political personality, instead he has shown that he will be guided by the Head of State and the heads of the ruling parties. Unfortunately for him he will be only their instrument,” he stated. “Mr. Traian Basescu has outlined Mr. Ungureanu’s tasks, and I suspect he took notes in order to apply them as fast as possible,” he added. Referring to the PSD President’s latest speech in Parliament, Teodorescu believes “it was an attempt to accept other types of electorate” and “a new method of political fighting, geared for a different electoral pool.” The analyst believes that the office of Prime Minister “in the Basescu regime and with Basescu’s men – Udrea, Blaga, Videanu, Boagiu, Berceanu – within the government is not a springboard” to the office of President. Likewise, he is skeptical about Ungureanu’s ascent within PDL, where the Blaga faction “has regained its strength.” In his opinion PDL will break in half after the elections.

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