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March 25, 2023

Ponta: If we come to power we won’t touch DNA and ANI

PSD leader Victor Ponta stated in an interview for the ‘Revista 22’ weekly’s site that if the Social-Liberal Union (USL) comes to power it “won’t touch” the legal structure of the National Anti-corruption Office (DNA) and the National Integrity Agency (ANI). “I’ve managed to persuade my party and alliance colleagues that we won’t tinker with the legal and institutional structure of special institutions such as the DNA and ANI. I’ve discussed with the European partners that these structures are necessary,” Ponta said.

On the other hand, he pointed out that the legislation on whose basis the DNA functions will have to be changed in order to eliminate any ties that the institution may have with politics. “For example, I believe that the head of the DNA should no longer be appointed by the President. Basescu will no longer be President, Antonescu will be, and after him someone else, I don’t know who, but the idea of institutions and structures, as they are, has to be kept” the Social-Democrat explained.

On the other hand, Ponta pointed out that USL is determined to put an end to energy sector contracts signed by the state with certain privileged private companies, contracts that cause huge losses to the budget each year. “There is a procedure, accepted at European level, of temporarily freezing the energy market until it is regulated so that basically all energy will be sold on the energy stock market so that everything signed prior to that will become null and void. For that to happen however one has to have the political strength to take such a decision. In plainer words one shouldn’t be indebted to these beneficiaries,” Ponta stated. He added that cancelling these contracts is not a solution since “that basically means starting a procedure, court cases that you might lose.”

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