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December 10, 2022

Justice Minister expects Netherlands to show fair-play on Schengen issue

Romanian Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu stated in an interview for RFI that he expects Netherlands to show “fair-play” in what concerns Romania’s Schengen accession bid, the official pointing out that he will go to the Hague “for as long as it is needed.” Dutch MPs were expected yesterday to debate the Mechanism for Cooperation and Verification (MCV) reports concerning Romania and Bulgaria. “I expect the Dutch ministers to state in Parliament what they have told me a few weeks ago in Copenhagen for example, namely that it is obvious that Romania is showing progress, that very courageous measures have been taken in the Justice system,” the Justice Minister stated. Predoiu pointed out that he will go to the Hague, probably along with Foreign Minister Cristian Diaconescu, in order to engage in lobbying. “This idea of going there in tandem or as a troika was presented by the ministry a long time ago. It seems it will come to fruition in the following period,” Predoiu concluded. The Justice Minister added that “in some European chancelleries there is talk of a certain lag between the progress shown by Romania and that shown by Bulgaria, in the sense that Romania has accelerated a lot in the last two years.” The minister also stated that the MCV could undergo a transformation this summer. “Whether this means we will go forward together or separately, whether this means lifting or modifying the mechanism, whether it means merging the mechanism with a wider mechanism at European level, a mechanism applicable to all member states, remains to be seen and any estimate is premature. For the time being we have a lot of things to resolve in the country,” Predoiu stated.

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