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March 29, 2023

Opposition challenges government’s investiture at the Constitutional Court

The complaint could be discussed on March 7. PDL: It’s Opposition right, but it has no chances.

The Social-Liberal Union (USL) has filed yesterday, at the Constitutional Court, its legal challenge against the investiture of the Mihai Razvan Ungureanu Government. According to sources quoted by media, the Constitutional Court will discuss the complaint on March 7. USL contests the manner in which the candidates for the top Ministerial offices were heard within the special commissions of Parliament. “We are criticizing the unconstitutional nature of the decision, in what concerns the Constitution’s Article 1, 64 and 103. (…) The joint Chambers’ rules on hearing the candidates for the top Ministerial offices within the joint commissions were not observed, and the commission’s green-light wasn’t issued. Issued were official reports that recommended the plenum to invest the Ungureanu Government. The green-lights are compulsory and the official reports are not substitutes. These official reports were issued during meetings that lacked quorum,” Mircea Dusa, leader of Social-Democrat MPs within the Lower Chamber, stated. In turn, PSD Senator Dan Sova said yesterday for Realitatea TV that no previous coalition had broken the rules of government’s investiture. “Government investiture rules have never been infringed. Not even by Emil Boc”, said Sova.

In retort, PSL spokesperson, Sever Voinescu said there is no ground for this complaint and its chances to succeed are zero. “It’s Oppostion’s right to try to challenge the Government investiture at the Constitutional Court (…) but from our point of view the Government is constitutionally legal and I don’t see any ground for the challenge”, said Voinescu, quoted by Mediafax. He also said USL’s move had no chances to be a success”.

The Ungureanu Govern­ment was invested in Parliament last week. The opposition did not attend that Parliamentary meeting.

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