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June 29, 2022

Renewed call on opposition to sign Fiscal Treaty

PSD willing to sign only if the EU pledges not to cut infrastructure funds.

Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) spokesman Sever Voinescu  (photo) yesterday criticised the opposition’s casting off the dialogue on the fiscal governance treaty, and made a renewed call on the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the National Liberal Party (PNL) to sign the accord. “Unfortunately, the opposition chose television monologues over dialogue with the ruling power on an issue of great national interest. Despite seemingly aware that the Romanians, hardly coping with austerity, (…) call for rational politics  based on dialogue, we are nonetheless learning that opposition parties, unfortunately, persist in following the path of blind, radical and irrational confrontation,” Mediafax quoted Voinescu as saying. The PDL spokesman also stated that there still is protocol room for opposition parties and the PDL welcomes PM Mihai Razvan Ungureanu’s initiative to contact opposition party leaders. “We call on the opposition to understand the importance of this Treaty and to have its say on it at the soonest,” Voinescu said.

Having said that the PSD tied its signing of the agreement on two conditions, Voinescu stated that PDL makes it clear there is no danger for European funds being diminished. Referring to the other condition put by the PSD on signing the Treaty, the PDL spokesman assured that there is a provision in the Treaty, “for which political leaders including Traian Basescu fought for,” which allows little indebted countries a structural deficit of up to 1 pc.

Social-Democrat Deputy Bogdan Niculescu Duvaz yesterday said that the opposition would say “yes” to the ratification of the fiscal governance Treaty provided the EU offered guarantees that the infrastructure funds for Romania would not be reduced. PSD’s other condition refers to Romania being allowed a structural deficit of 1 pc, the ceiling rate in the fiscal governance Treaty. “Only when these issues have been answered we, too, will say ‘yes’,” Duvaz said.

At the same time, Voinescu reiterated the call on opposition MPs to return to Parliament, pointing out that their strike is costing Parliament EUR 1.2 M. Voinescu gave assurances that none of the 15 points invoked by PSD President Victor Ponta in his speech in Parliament is a taboo for PDL, however in order to discuss them the opposition MPs should come back to Parliament. In this context, Voinescu announced that the ruling coalition’s protocol for this year will most likely be completed next week, the main points of the document set to centre on respecting the governing programme that the current government has presented. The PDL spokesperson also stated that “a lot of MPs from the socialist groups want to return to Parliament.”

Nevertheless, PSD Senator Dan Sova stated for Realitatea TV that the Social-Democrat MPs will return to work only after the government meets their conditions, the main condition being organizing early elections.

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