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September 30, 2022

2,000 hope that the mining project will begin at Rosia Montana

Cristian Albu, the president of the ‘Viitorul Mineritului’ (Future of the Mining) trade union of Rosia Montana sent an open letter to the press, in which he slams the Alburnus Maior Association. “For a few days, we are witnessing new media charades arranged by people that pretend they are big defenders of the cause of Rosia Montana, whenever things get in the media spotlight. While some members of the <Viitorul Mineritului> union were in the Buzau County, digging over 100 homes out of the snow, the Alburnus Maior Association is busy planning farces. It is not our job to wonder how ethical or normal it is for someone who pretends being of good faith to pretend he is someone else and put in an embarrassing situation the officials of a sporting federation, and then to boast about the whole thing! It is up to the respective federation and to justice,” Cristian Albu said.Albu wants to make it clear that such ‘annoying’ actions represent the whole attitude of these “rescuers” and shows beyond any doubt their inability to do anything real or concrete. Furthermore, this attitude demonstrates that they do not really care about the future of people and the region, and allowed themselves being seduced by the illusion of activism waged from the comfort of their homes, Albu mentions in the letter. “What I mean is that today, at Rosia Montana, 2,000 souls hope that the mining project will begin, because people know that mining was the life of this locality and also mining will bring its long-term prosperity. 1,500 inhabitants of the area recently rallied in the square of the locality, demanding jobs in a region where over 80 pc of the population does not earn even the minimum wage needed to bring food for their children.”According to the trade union leader, Alburnus Maior and other opponents of mining could only offer idyllic suggestions about how we could live on picking mushrooms or weaving baskets. “We have heard enough lies about Rosia Montana being a mono-industrial area and nothing else can be done in the region, because of the mining project. We want everybody to keep in mind that the mining project will cover 25 pc of the surface of the commune, while on the remaining 75 pc anybody is free to start whatever business he may please. Did the opponents ever come to propose concrete investments, which would give jobs to people and help them really save themselves? No,” the president of the Viitorul Mineritului, trade union concluded.

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