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December 2, 2022

Pope Benedict XVI appoints Romanian cardinal Lucian Muresan

Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday appointed 22 new cardinals at Vatican, including Most Reverend Lucian Muresan, Major Archbishop of the Romanian Church United with Rome, Greek Catholic. Archbishop Muresan thus becomes the third Romanian cardinal, after Iuliu Hossu and Alexandru Todea.His wish to become a Greek Catholic priest could not be fulfilled in normal conditions, because the Romanian United Church was banned in 1948. Muresan entered the Roman-Catholic Theological Institute, but he was expelled by the communist authorities of that time. He defied the threat and surveillance of the former Securitate (communist political police) and continued taking clandestine courses, with professors from the former theological academies, which were still free. After bishops were released from prison, through the pardon decree of 1964, on December 19 of that year he was ordained priest by auxiliary bishop Ioan Dragomir of Maramures. Afterwards, he started acting as a priest clandestinely.After the Revolution, when the Romanian United Church returned to legality, on 3 March 1990, Pope John Paul II appointed him as bishop of the Maramures Bishopric, thus he became chronologically the third bishop of this eparchy, after Alexandru Rusu and Ioan Dragomir, who was only auxiliary bishop of Maramures. On 27 May 1990, he was consecrated bishop. Lucian Muresan currently is Major Archbishop of the Romanian Church United with Rome, Greek Catholic, and Archbishop of Alba Iulia and Fagaras.

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