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March 23, 2023

The Netherlands-Romanian Chamber of Commerce opposes the initiative of the PVV

The Netherlands-Romanian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC) strongly opposes the initiative of a Dutch right wing political party to launch a website creating a platform to complain about the behaviour of European citizens working and living in The Netherlands. The website also encourages Dutch citizens to complain about Romanians, Poles and Bulgarians who have taken up jobs in The Netherlands which could have been granted to Dutch citizens, a release from NRCC informs.“This initiative is a flagrant infringement of the most fundamental values of The European Union and in fact of any democratic value. The PVV is a marginal right wing populist party which has no consideration or respect for fellow Europeans and has as its core policy to create division and a climate of suspicion and hatred in the society” says Peter de Ruiter, chairman of the NRCC. “History has taught us that putting certain social, cultural groups from a specifically defined descent in such a negative context can lead to catastrophic actions and reactions.”The NRCC sent on Monday a letter to the Dutch Prime Minister Mr Mark Rutte urging him, on behalf of the Dutch Government and the Dutch people he represents, to firmly take distance from the actions of his fellow ‘coalition party’ and initiate legal actions to oppose, speak out against the xenophobia and the destruction of the significant and important steps made in respect of a European peaceful cooperation and integration.

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