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February 4, 2023

IPP: Antonescu did not attend any final voting in Senate last season

Dusa, MP with most initiatives turned into laws; Sarbu, Duvaz and Liga at the opposite end.

The assessment of the parliamentary activity in the September-December 2011 season, published by IPP yesterday, shows that PNL President Crin Antonescu continues to be on zero per cent final electronic (with a card) votes. The senator with best attendance rate, like in the previous season, is still PDL MP Gheorghe David. With no national minorities’ group and with just one independent MP at the Senate, Senator Mircea Geoana, PDL has the best attendance rate in this Chamber (84 per cent). The following place is taken by PSD Deputy Viorel Hrebenciuc – 3 per cent presence for final voting, and PSD Deputy Florian Popa – 12 per cent. In fact, compared to the previous seasons, the average attendance rate during final voting in the lower Chamber in the autumn season decreased by 5 per cent, to 78 per cent. The average attendance was 87 per cent for minorities, 85.4 per cent for independent MPs, 82.4per cent for PDL, 75.9 per cent for UDMR, 69.9 per cent for PNL and 68.9 per cent for PSD. Mircea Dusa (PSD) is the MP with the highest number of legislative proposals turned into laws, according to the study published by the Institute for Public Policies (IPP), quoted by Mediafax. In the September-December 2011 season, Dusa tabled six bills and a total of 49 since the beginning of his term, with an efficiency rate of his legislative activity of 12.5 per cent. However, the MP who submitted the highest number of legislative drafts in September-December 2011 is Mircea Giurgiu – 44 bills in the autumn season and 369 in total since he had begun his term in 2008. Thirty-eight of them became laws, meaning that the independent MPs’ efficiency was 10.5 per cent. At the opposite end are Marian Sarbu (UNPR), Bogdan Niculescu-Duvaz (PSD) and Danut Liga (PDL).The first position at the Senate regarding the number of legislative initiatives submitted in the last season is also occupied by a Social-Democrat-Senator Alexandru Cordos. The IPP study also shows that Liberal Senator Crin Antonescu has had 14 legislative initiatives since the beginning of his term, in 2008, one being submitted in the September-December 2011 period. None became a law. The IPP study also indicates that, in the September-December 2011 parliamentary season, most legislative proposals came from the PSD MPs. The UDMR MPs initiated fewer laws than in the previous seasons and the PDL MPs also submitted fewer bills, however supporting the government’s action in other ways. Compared to the previous seasons, the number of bills tacitly adopted by the Chamber of Deputies decreased by as much as 70 per cent, but at the Senate went up by 15 per cent. According to IPP, ‘the practice of tacit adoption continues to be concerning in the Romanian Parliament, Given the number and importance of bills that never benefit from the necessary debates.’

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