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June 27, 2022

Use of radar detectors will be forbidden. Driving without a permit: conditionally accepted

All these measures have been included in the draft bill National Strategy for Road Traffic Safety 2011-2020.

By Daniela Baragan

The Government has a few surprises in store for drivers in Romania. According to the draft bill National Strategy for Road Traffic Safety 2011-2020, quoted by Mediafax, the Executive could allow learners to drive certain motor vehicles without a driver’s permit in the presence of a licensed companion driver, on certain public roads, at special hours, before they take the practical driving test. The procedure will only be allowed after the learner driver will attend training and testing and will require the presence in the motor vehicle of an experienced driver who will share with the learner driver responsibility for the driving being within the letter of the law.

A “temporary driver’s license”, valid in Romania only, and with some restrictions to the driver, will also be issued prior to the permanent driver’s license, which will be dispensed after the learner passes the driving test. The Executive also has in view making the issuing of the driver’s license conditional to the driver having at least 10 years of school, which is the mandatory minimum education  in Romania, and banning the use of radar detectors  as a measure aimed “against road traffic aggressiveness “. Among the government’s proposals, also, the mandatory driving license for moped owners, a lower driver’s license validity period from a certain age onward, banning the access of All Terrain Vehicles on public roads, except for communal roads. Also, the tax may increase charged to owners of several auto vehicles.

Fines to be paid on the spot

The document also makes possible the issuing of on-the-spot fines, with the police agent giving a receipt for the money received, instead of the fine being sent to the offender by post. A portion of the fine proceeds will go into the state budget, and not entirely to the local budgets, as it is the case now. There will also be issued a “contravention ticket”, which will be annexed to the driver’s license and keep record of the fines paid. The driver lacking the ticket would mean they didn’t pay the fine and will result in the driver’s license being suspended until the fine is paid, the quoted source also says.


Strict driving testing

Under the new road traffic safety Strategy, the driving testing procedure could become ‘more comprehensive”, including medical-psychological-wise, driving abilities, and would therefore no longer be confined to the candidate’s knowledge of the traffic legislation and  their practical ability to carry out certain driving maneuvres. The  document authors advocate the need for such measures given Romania’s failure to fulfill the commitment made upon the country’s accession to the European Union to reduce by 50 per cent <by 2010> the number of victims caused by road accidents, considering this indicator has risen from one year to another commensurate with the increase in the number of auto vehicles amid an obsolete infrastructure and the lack of an accurate policy in the field.  “As we speak, we put at approximately 1.5 pc GDP the economic and social losses caused by road accidents,” reads the document. Turning to the traffic fines, their quantum is estimated at over RON 450 M a year, with an incoming revenue rate of only 40%, from 90 pc elsewhere in the EU.

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