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June 26, 2022

UDMR remained with the executive at the suggestion of Hungarian Gov’t, paper says

The hypothesis that UDMR declined all the offers of joining the opposition and decided to stay in the ruling coalition with PDL and UDMR because of the influence of the Budapest government is becoming more credible. “UDMR leader Kelemen Hunor confessed in an interview with Kronika.ro that the decision to stay in the government was in line with the suggestion received from Hungary. Here were several internal disputes inside UDMR, in order to decide whether the party will continue staying in the government or will renounce supporting the Ungureanu Cabinet,” Nepszava daily comments in an article named ‘Orban’s people would keep Basescu’s people in power,’ quoted by ‘Jurnalul National’.The UDMR leader apparently admitted in the interview that a high official of the Hungarian government led by Viktor Orban called the Union on the phone and relayed the suggestions of the ruling coalition in Budapest. According to Nepszava, Kelemen said that he acknowledged the opinion of the Hungarian government officials, whom he assured at that time that UDMR would make a reasonable decision, taking into consideration its own interests and those of the Hungarians living in Romania.On the other hand, Kelemen Hunor considered as “extreme cynicism” the statement made by the interim president of the Hungarian People’s Party of Transylvania (PPMT), Tibor T. Toro, who said that UDMR should not have stayed in the government, although the PPMT leader “knows very well whom the Orban government sees as partner in Romania and with whom it would like to collaborate.” “It is not even worth mentioning the relations between the leader of the Hungarian government and the president of Romania,” the UDMR leader said. Referring to Emil Boc’s resignation, he mentioned that the former premier “informed in due time UDMR about his intention to step down.”Despite the relations between the two governments and its connections with Traian Basescu, the Orban Cabinet does not take into consideration holding joint Cabinet sessions of the two countries this year, adds the source.

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