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March 28, 2023

Russia: Holding hands ‘for fair elections’

MOSCOW – Thousands are hitting Moscow streets on Sunday in a flashmob, the Big White Ring, supporting fair elections. Activists are standing in a circular human chain, unfolding along the Garden Ring road in central Moscow, holding their hands in solidarity.The opposition activists, whose number reached about 11,000 in a many-kilometer line, have managed to complete the ring of their hands. The people, many of whom are wearing protest white ribbons, are now standing all along the Garden Ring.  Some are waving white scarves and holding white umbrellas. A police helicopter is hovering above the scene. No incidents or traffic disruptions have so far been registered. The protesters have taken to the streets to support fair, honest and transparent elections in Russia in anticipation on the presidential poll due on March 4.The Moscow mayor’s office said that the flashmob does not need to be coordinated with the city authorities. However, the participants have been warned not to disrupt city traffic.

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