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January 18, 2022

PDL starts preparing for local elections

Elena Udrea rejects an alliance with Dan Diaconescu for Bucharest

The main topic on the agenda of the meeting held yesterday afternoon by the National Directing College was preparing the local elections. “We will make an analysis of how we will participate in the local and even parliamentary elections, and there are several working variants which we will discuss and will decide in the Directing College. Thus, we can have our party’s own candidates, with the logo of the party, but we can also choose the variant of an electoral alliance. A political alliance registered in court cannot be achieved anymore, because, technically, we ran out of time,” the leader of PDL deputies, Mircea Toader explained for the ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ newspaper.

During yesterday’s meeting, which was still going on when the newspaper edition went to print, was also due to debate topics like the People’s Movement or changing the logo and colours of the party. Speaking about the People’s Movement, PDL MEP Monica Macovei said Saturday that it must exist “now or later,” but UNPR or UDMR should not be part of it. On the other hand, the secretary general of PDL, Ioan Oltean believes that PDL should run in local elections with its own name and symbols, rather than under the umbrella of the People’s Movement.  The leader of the Bucharest branch of PDL, Elena Udrea said Saturday evening on Realitatea TV that the party will announce, at the end of this month, its candidate for the position of Bucharest mayor.  According to Udrea, Deputy Silviu Prigoana fares very well in confidence, while MEP Monica Macovei would make a very good candidate. Udrea denied the possibility to run for Bucharest mayor herself. Asked whether she invited Raed Arafat to run in elections on behalf of PDL, Udrea denied it. However, she said that she thinks Raed Arafat would have chances as an independent candidate. Speaking about electoral alliances, Udrea reaffirmed her support for the alliance with PNG in Bucharest, but added that the People’s Party led by Dan Diaconescu (PPDD) will not enter this equation. “We did not consider an alliance with the People’s Party, not because I have any intention to turn down the electorate of this party, but because we do not have the possibility to make common projects in Bucharest,” Elena Udrea said on Realitatea TV.

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