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February 2, 2023

Sci-fi, horror and dance movies, in premier at NexT IFF

The NexT International Film Festival (March 28 – April 1) lures the public with a series of surprises, including two explosive projections: NexT Dance and NexT Imaginaria. The first surprise of the NexT Festival, NexT Dance is scheduled for the opening day, March 28, at Cinema Studio, starting 9.00 PM, and invites the public to share the energy of its films. Musicals about love stories and more, contemporary dance and visual experiments on electronic beats will be present in the NexT Dance section, which promises to bewitch spectators with the energy of the liveliest rhythms. The NexT Dance programme also includes famous names of filmmakers, such as Jamie Travis (also attending the previous editions of NexT) with the short film ‘On Greed’ and Neil LaBute as scenarist of ‘Beach Seat’ (directed by Anna Mastro). Acclaimed filmmaker Neil LaBute is mostly known for his films ‘The Shape of Things’ and ‘In the Company of Men,’ winner of the Filmmakers trophy at the Sundance Film Festival.In the evening of March 28, music and dance will move from screen to the club of the festival, at the Coyote Cafe, where the public and guests of the festival are invited to attend a karaoke party. The video dedicated to the NexT Dance programme can be watched here: http://bit.ly/y3VnoP.Another novelty of the NexT International Film Festival is the NexT Imaginaria programme, meant to provoke both the imagination and the fear of the public. NexT Imaginaria is scheduled for the second day of the festival, on March 29, starting 8.30 PM, at Cinema Studio. It features short films on sci-fi and horror subjects, funny animations and vampire movies. An example is ‘Kamene’ (directed by Katarina Kerekesova), which actually is among the favourite films in NexT 2012, designated by selection-maker Andrei Gorzo. Another short movie in the programme is the Romanian production ‘Matasari,’ directed by Ilija Piperkoski. The promo of the NexT Imaginaria section, with scenes from the featured short films, can be watched at http://bit/ly/y7nf8z.Passes for the NexT International Film Festival are already available on the Ticket Fan website.

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