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May 17, 2022

Bucharest Police head Viorel Vasile dismissed over Perla killings

Lucian Gurau, currently Undersecretary of State in MAI, takes over. The criminal Gheorghe Vladan arrested.

A tragedy had to happen in order for measures to be taken in the Bucharest Police. The Minister of Administration and Interior, Gabriel Berca, yesterday dismissed the chief of the institution, Viorel Vasile (photo), following an investigation ordered in the case of the killings at the beauty salon in the Perla area of Bucharest Monday night, when a former police worker shot to death his wife and a co-worker and injured six other people. Apart from Vasile, four other Station 14 officers are under initial investigation following the armed attack perpetrated by police worker Gheorghe Vladan, who had been reported on by his wife to that police station 11 times. Romanian Police head Liviu Popa claims a total of 14 complaints were filed against Vladan, 11 having been referred to the competent prosecutor’s office and three being still processed (one of these three was filed by his wife, Florina Vladan – our note). Popa also said Vladan had obtained his firearm carry permit very easily, his file being incomplete, therefore the prosecutor’s office will be notified about the negligence of the officers involved. According to him, the most important documents were missing from Vladan’s application for an arm licence – the psychological certificate, the criminal record and the knowledge sheet regarding the person applying for a permit to hold lethal weapons. The head of the Romanian Police yesterday noted that Vladan has never been a policeman, but just a driver. He had been an employee of the Ministry of Interior since 2007, having worked outside the system before that. At the same time, Popa described the assassinate as an exceptionally serious event ‘we all want to be the first and the last.’As for the dismissal of Viorel Vasile, Liviu Popa said he had been replaced because of an unsatisfactory report on his performance as the chief of the Bucharest Police, by that suggesting that it was the main reason for the dismissal and not the poor management of the situation created by the recent killings. ‘Several irregularities regarding the  manner in which Viorel Vasile had led the Bucharest Police and how he had contributed to solving problems. Although he had identified violations, he did not take measures to make things right,’ Mediafax quotes Liviu Popa as having said. The president of the ‘Pro Lex’ trade union (policemen union – our note), Vasile Lincu, claims Viorel Vasile’s dismissal as the head of the Bucharest Police should have happened after an investigation and analysis of his guilt or innocence, ‘not after the excessive publicity around a certain event.’ Viorel Vasile initially had been replaced by his deputy, Nicolae Marinescu, but the appointment decree was revoked an hour later. The reason for that was the fact that the ‘Arms and Ammunitions’ head was the person who had signed for the issuing of Gheorghe Vladan’s gun carry permit. After that, another deputy chief of the institution, Commissar Gheorghe Dumitru, was appointed as interim head. Yesterday, the minister of interior announced that the leadership of the Bucharest Police would go back to its former head Lucian Gurau, currently Undersecretary of State with MAI. Minister Berca also reminded that competitions would be held in all counties where county police inspectorates have interim heads. ‘We have a lot of interim heads at this time and I don’t think one can have a good performance if they don’t also have stability,’ the minister explained. On a distinct note, on Tuesday evening, the Bucharest Tribunal decided to remand Gheorghe Vladan in custody for 29 days, the man being charged with murder in the first degree and exceptionally grievous murder. Vladan’s lawyer said he would appeal against the remand order. Yesterday, the Chief-Prosecutor of the Criminal Investigation Department, Valentin Selaru, also presented the assassinate film for the first time, saying that it took Vladan three minutes and 27 seconds to walk into the beauty parlour, shoot the victims and walk out. The prosecutor also said the assassin had a content of alcohol of 0.25 grams per mille and was also taking anti-depressive medication.

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