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September 27, 2021

Industrial turnover and primary energy resources, on the decrease

The industrial turnover for the total domestic and foreign market declined in January by 10.6 pc against the previous month, in nominal terms, but is 4.7 pc higher than in the first month of last year, the National Statistics Institute (INS) announced yesterday. The evolution against December was influenced by the decline of the extractive sector (-11.4 pc) and the processing industry (-10.5 pc). Against January 2011, the industrial turnover advanced by 4.7 pc, driven by the processing industry (+4.8 pc) and the extractive sector (+3.8 pc).Primary energy resources decreased by 19.3 pc in January vs. the same month of last year, while electricity resources diminished by 9 pc. The main resources of primary energy totaled 3.382 million tonnes of oil equivalent (t.o.e.), down 807,000 t.o.e. from January 2011. Domestic output amounted to 2.574 million t.o.e. and imports reached 808,000 t.o.e., up 5.9 pc.Electricity resources amounted to 5.511 billion KWh, down 543.5 million KWh, following an output decline of 581.4 million KWh (-9.7 pc). Production by thermal power plants was 3.337 billion KWh, 59.4 pc less, and the output by nuclear power-plants reached 1.052 billion KWh, up 4.3 pc.Wind turbines generated 270.3 million KWh, up 222.4 million KWh against the same period of the previous year. The final electricity consumption over the interval stood at 4.692 billion KWh, accounting for a decrease of 0.8 pc. Public lighting soared by 6 pc, while population’s consumption declined by 2.1 pc. Electricity exports amounted to 69 million KWh, down 85.6 pc. The own technological consumption in power grids and stations was of 812.7 million KWh, meaning a decrease of 10.7 pc.

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