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October 7, 2022

Car business and construction volume on increasing trade

The car and motorcycle gross turnover fell 19.9 pc in January compared to the previous month, yet its seasonally and the working-day adjusted counterpart was up 2.6 pc, the National Institute of Statistics (INS) announced yesterday. The trend was caused by declines in  auto vehicle sales, 30.5 pc, motorcycles, spare parts and accessories; motorcycle overhaul and maintenance, 26.5 pc, auto vehicle repair and maintenance, 16.7 pc. The sales of car parts and accessories soared 3.1 pc.The seasonally and working-day adjusted time wholesale and retail car and motorcycle turnover was up 2.6 pc in January.The January gross consumer services dropped 14 pc from December of last year in the hotel and restaurant sector, 16.6 pc, gambling and other recreational activities, 12.6 pc, hair and beauty styling, 11.1 pc, textile and fur washing, cleaning and dyeing, 7.9 pc. Travel agency and tour operator operations rose 0.4 pc.January working-day adjusted time series turnover decreased 8.5 pc against the previous month.The January wholesale and retail overhaul and maintenance gross turnover dropped 0.4 pc compared to the same month two years ago due to a decline in the sales of motorcycles, parts and accessories; motorcycle repair and maintenance, down 33.1 pc, car parts and accessories,- 3.5 pc. Auto vehicle maintenance and overhaul rose 10.3 pc. Car sales stood put.The rise reached 4 pc in overall wholesale and retail working-day adjusted time series car and motorcycle maintenance and overhaul.Separately, gross construction volume shrank 63.4 pc in January, yet its seasonally and working-day adjusted  counterpart  rose 1.9 pc. Gross major overhaul fell 79.9 pc, current maintenance and overhaul, 70.3 pc, and new construction, 56.6 pc.The gross construction volume increased 14.9 pc. Structure elements wise, new constructions were up 64.9 pc. In their turn, major overhaul and current maintenance and repairs declined 31 and 37.7 pc respectively.

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