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September 29, 2022

Economy Ministry’s “deceptive” solutions fuel miners’ protests

5,000 miners blocked National Road 66 at the entrance in Petrosani.

The Jiu Valley miners’ protests continued yesterday for the fourth consecutive day, realitatea.net informs. Incidents took place between the miners when some of them wanted to go back to work while others insisted on continuing the protests. Almost 5,000 miners blocked National Road 66 at the entrance in Petrosani. The column of protesters was stopped by trade union leaders from entering the Jiu Pass. One of the union leaders present at the protests was Tiberiu Cozma, the brother of Miron Cozma, the former leader of Jiu Valley miners, involved in the 1989 political events. The trade union leaders were backed in their endeavor by gendarmes who tried to persuade the protesters that entering the area would be a mistake. Ministry of Economy sent a delegation to Jiu Valley, conducted by the Secretary of State Karoly Borbely, but the negotiations also have failed.Jiu Valley miners continued the protests they started early this week, having reached no agreement with the Economy and Finance Ministries’ representatives. The miners considered that the solutions offered by officials were “deceptive” and unable to ensure the continuation of the mining activity. Trade union leaders stated that Economy Ministry representatives have no way of determining the miners to put an end to the protests, having claimed that the additional document that the miners signed on the basis of the memorandum approved by former Economy Minister Ion Ariton is illegal. Trade union leaders also state that the only solution that the ministry currently proposed in order to cover the salary hike that would result from updating the risk bonus consists of food stamps because funds for them are included in the National Mineral Coal Company’s (CNH) budget.

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