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May 25, 2022

Parties gather troops in view of elections

Antonescu: ‘We are not looking at a mere electoral competition, it will be a war’. Ponta: PSD has the historic opportunity of winning Transylvania.

Parties have already toed the mark in the electoral race, sending out attack signals to their local organisations and against political opponents. The National Liberal Youth Gala took place on Saturday which, beyond the regular awards ceremony, was a good tribune for the party president, Crin Antonescu, to launch campaign messages. Antonescu told the Liberal youth that they were looking at a year with many battles and should not have the illusion that it would be just an electoral competition, because it will be ‘a war’. ‘This is a very difficult year, a year where we, together, but mostly you, will fight several battles. Make no illusion, although we need all the hopes we can have: these are not going to be just electoral competitions, it will be a war, Mediafax quotes Antonescu as having said. He added that, although what would be next was not going to be the first battle, it would be the most difficult one, requiring ‘all our energy and responsibility’.  Antonescu did not miss the chance to criticise former Liberals who accepted positions in the governments of the current power. Saturday night, at the TNL gala awards, he ironically described himself as ‘a terrifyingly stupid student’ who never quote learnt the ‘pragmatism’ from the former Liberals who had defected to PDL, such as Teodor Stolojan, Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, Teodor Melescanu or Sebastian Vladescu. ‘Although we are taught that politics means only compromise, that saying half truths is moderation, that what people such as Stolojan, Ungureanu, Melescanu or Vladescu did to this party is pragmatism, in spite of being taught all these, (…), we nonetheless know – we and only we – that in politics there is also <never>. For us, there is also <never>’, said the Liberal leader. At the TNL gala, King Mihai was offered the award for ‘The longest career in the service of freedom’ and PNL Honorary President Mircea Ionescu Quintus, PNL Founding President Radu Campeanu and the President of the PNL Senate, Dinu Zamfirescu, received the ‘Born Free’ diploma for ‘The longest political activity’

Ponta wants to set up PSD Transylvania

As for the Social-Democrats, President Victor Ponta insisted on his party’s victory in Transylvania where it had always fought to create a fief. At a press conference in Cluj-Napoca, on Friday, Victor Ponta said Transylvania should have a special representation as a region and that the party therefore planned to set up a special regional structure with the name PSD Transylvania. ‘I consider that the idea of having PSD Transylvania is correct one within PSD. I have no fears of the past that the party will break up and that PSD Transylvania will take the party and go someplace else, as I don’t think Transylvania is going to leave someplace else.(…) The PSD leaders in Transylvania have our entire support for co-ordinating their activity and giving a clear message to Transylvania. PSD Transylvania will be an organisation that exists in other Social-Democratic parties in Europe, where the regional criterion is considered. I have the courage of assuming the name of PSD Transylvania’, Ponta stated, adding that PSD had a similar strategy in mind for other regions as well, such as Dobrogea or Oltenia. Afterwards, Ponta explained in an interview to VoxPublica that in Transylvania there is a big disappointment in PSD and there fore the party now has a historic opportunity to gain in that region. Regarding Ponta’s declared intention, IMAS sociologist Alin Teodorescu says PSD Transylvania is just a shape without content.

Flutur: PDL should behave like an opposition party

On the other side of the barricade, PDL is also preparing the terrain for this year’s electoral confrontations. PDL First Vice-President Gheorghe Flutur said during a youth organisation meeting in Suceava, on Saturday, that PDL should behave like an opposition party in those counties where it is not in power. Flutur pointed out that PDL is in the opposition in a number of counties. ‘(…) We are too shy in criticising the ones who are in power. (…) Their excuse is that they have not received money. But money also pays for European projects’, said the Democrat-Liberal leader. Flutur also announced at the Suceava meeting that a guidebook containing election campaign messages would be published to be used by the PDL members who should be able to clearly present the achievements of the PDL government. The guidebook will be for the use of PDL leaders in the local organisations whose job will be to explain PDL’s political offer to the 1,000 – 1,500 people voting in a specific polling station.

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