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January 21, 2022

PDL gives up on local alliances under People’s Movement name

Mediafax quoted Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) sources as saying that the Directorial Board of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) decided that in a week’s time, county organisations come up with alliance proposals that would not bear the “People’s Movement” name after all. The sources quoted also said that the local alliances likely to be struck will bear various names. PDL delegates yesterday discussed for several hours the local election issue, with 21 organisations out of the overall 42 willing to forge local alliances. The meeting revealed various alliance preferences, including the Ecologist Party of Romania (PER) the national Peasant Christian and Democratic Party (PNTCD) and Roma’s Party. After the Board session a week ago, PDL President Emil Boc said the party would not enter any national-level alliances, although county organisations could strike local alliances under the “People’s Movement” name.

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