Hungarian Revolution Day celebrated in several cities in Romania

In his message sent on the occasion, Hungary’s PM Orban advised his conationals to leave the legacy of ‘the grand work of the completion of the national abroad’.

Hungarians in Transylvania celebrated through a series of commemorative and artistic manifestations the Hungarian Revolution Day, the events being attended by representatives of the three Hungarian parties in Romania:  UDMR, the Hungarian Civic Party (PCM) and the People’s Party of Hungarians in Transylvania (PPMT). As expected, the day represented a new opportunity for accusations to UDMR. PCM leader, Szasz Jeno said UDMR politicians have betrayed the Magyar community, as it hadn’t accomplished  much in the last 22 years.  In his message sent for the manifestations in Targu Mures on the occasion, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban advises his conationals to leave the legacy of ‘the grand work of the completion of the nation abroad’, pointing out that, ‘in one year’, over 150,000 people acquired Hungarian citizenship, with 100,000 to follow soon, according to Mediafax. The message of the Hungarian PM was read out by the General Consul of Hungary in Miercurea Ciuc, Zsigmond Barna Pal. The day before (March 14 – our note), Hungarian Deputy Prime-Minister Zsolt Semjen was stating in the Budapest Parliament that the Hungarian Government was not going to quit supporting the parties of national minorities in the neighbouring countries. ‘The parties of the national minorities in the neighbouring countries mean the survival of the Hungarian minorities(…)’, realitatea.net quotes Semjen as having said. Asked to comment on the message of the Hungarian PM, PDL spokesman Sever Voinescu stated: ‘never has the agitation on March 15 every year had any serious impact’, adding that, after so many years, we have reached the maturity to understand what ‘some words perhaps provocatively thrown’ actually mean. PNL leader Crin Antonescu in turn says Viktor Orban’s message was consistent with his vision and policy, noting that the Targu Mures ‘operation’ (the setting up of a Hungarian language line at the local Medical School) was not just an academic matter, but actually is part of such philosophy. Prime-Minister Mihai Razvan Ungureanu on his part sent a message on the Hungarian Revolution Day, stating that the protection of the rights of national minorities in order to keep and promote their ethnic and cultural identity is one of the main objectives he set as part of his ruling programme. ‘I can assure you that I will be your partner in all your action regarding the exercise of fundamental rights and freedoms as well as preservation of shared values or against intolerance’, reads the message posted on the government website.

Szekely flag hoisted in Miercurea Ciuc

Manifestations on the Hungarian Revolution Day were also organised yesterday in Cluj, where over 400 people gathered in a march downtown, holding flags of Hungary and of the Szekely Land and singing songs on the 1848 Hungarian Revolution. The Consul of Hungary in Cluj, Szilagyi Matyas, together with UDMR local councillors participated. On the occasion, the Hungarian official said March 15 ‘is the most important day for the Hungarian nation’. ‘We are very happy that the national day of all Hungarians is taking place in a dignifying and solemn manner. (…) We should be able to celebrate this day together (with Romanians – our note)’, said Szilagyi Matyas. The march in the Cluj-Napoca city centre was followed by a religious service and by a ceremony where wreaths of flowers were laid at the memorial dedicated to Petofi Sandor, a plaque on the former Biasini Hotel where the Hungarian poet and one of the heroes of the 1848 Hungarian Revolution stayed.Voted in 2009 as the flag of Harghita County, the Szekely flag was hoisted on the Administrative Palace of Miercurea Ciuc on the Hungarian Revolution Day

. Approximately 100 people participated in the festivity where short speeches were delivered and a religious service was officiated. The ceremonies were closed with the Szekely anthem. The President of Harghita County Council, Borboly Csaba, said that March 15 should not be seen by Romanians as an offence.Similar festivities were also organised in the city of Targu Secuiesc, Covasna County, gathering over 5,000 participants, local authorities, leaders of UDMR, PCM, CNMT, PPMT and of other Hungarian organisations including the President of Covasna County Council, Tamas Sandor, who is also UDMR county leader, and PCM President Szasz Jeno.On the other hand, yesterday, the National Council of Hungarians in Transylvania (CNMT) reconstructed in the Targu Mures reinforced city, in a building belonging to the History Museum, the atmosphere of the Budapest Pilvax café where the Hungarian Revolution started in 1848.

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