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December 4, 2020

PDL women want 30 pc of seats on party lists in local elections

Sulfina Barbu, president of the party’s women’s organization, claims that one of the two parties that make up USL will betray the other after the June 10 local elections.

The Democrat-Liberal Party’s Women’s Organization (OFPDL) wants its members to hold 30 per cent of the seats on party lists in the local elections. OFPDL President Sulfina Barbu claims that the percentage is “included in the party’s statute.” “This is the purpose of the Organization, to promote ladies and to attain that percentage,” Barbu stated for Mediafax at the start of the OFPDL’s Leadership College on Saturday. According to OFPDL Secretary General Oana Badea, PDL women already have 79 candidates for mayoralties – 41 mayors in office elected in 2008 and 38 new candidates. Sulfina Barbu pointed out that Alba County has the highest number of women running for mayoralties – 12, five of which are in office and seven are new candidates. “We hope this number will rise,” she stated. Barbu pointed out that the exact figure will be known by the end of March when the party’s lists of candidates will be completed. Apart from the strategy of promoting women on the lists of candidates for the June 10 local elections, OFPDL has also decided to invite a delegation of women members of Germany’s CDU, in order to support them in the elections campaign.

PDL leaves ‘door open’ to PSD and PNL

On the other hand, last week-end the Democrat-Liberals reiterated the idea of seeing a split within USL after the June 10 local elections. “OFPDL considers that the countdown of betrayal between PSD and PNL will start on June 11 (the day after local elections – editor’s note). And I’m telling you this because every colleague has come here with information on the political situation both within PDL and within USL branches,” Sulfina Barbu stated, pointing out that ever since its creation the USL alliance “was marked by fear of betrayal.” She claims that the start of “dissensions between PSD and PNL” is proven by concrete actions such as the speech given by PSD President Victor Ponta in Parliament when the Ungureanu Government was invested, and also by PNL President Crin Antonescu’s refusal to introduce in the party’s statute a ban on collaborating with PDL. At the same time, she pointed out that collaboration protocols between PDL and PNL have been and will be maintained in some situations at local council level. In his turn, PDL First Vice President Teodor Baconschi stated for RFI that he has the desire and “presentiment” that “Romanian Liberals” will return to a centre-right construct. “I believe there are many common sense people in PNL and I believe they will take major decisions because they can’t tie their political destiny to the left-wing. (…) Unfortunately, they are no longer audible because Mr. Crin Antonescu’s sole voice has taken over the media spotlight. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t strong, experienced leaders within PNL, leaders that realize they were pushed into a dead-end and that will set themselves free one way or another,” the former Foreign Affairs Minister stated. Baconschi considers that Crin Antonescu’s refusal to introduce within the party’s statute a ban on collaborating with PDL “is not proof of generosity but of minimum rationality.” “We have to keep the door open to the creation of a centre-right alliance, even after the results of this autumn’s Parliamentary elections are announced,” he continued. Moreover, the PDL First Vice President claims that the hypothesis of a PDL-PSD government is not ruled out either, underlining that in politics one should ‘never say never.’ The  current ruling power “is circling” PNL and PSD “in the hope that one of these parties will betray” USL in order to save PDL, PNL President Crin Antonescu replied, claiming that the Democrat-Liberals “are trying to maintain the illusion that someone would still compromise itself with them.” “The current power, through all its voices, doesn’t want to talk about managing the country’s problems. (…) It only wants to talk about who will ally with whom and I think it is embarrassing to keep circling in the hope that one of these parties will betray, despite being given categorical answers from both PSD and PNL,” Antonescu said. Asked if he expects other PNL leaders to accept various offices that the ruling power may offer to them, like Teodor Melescanu did, the PNL President answered that it “wasn’t by chance” that Melescanu was not part of PNL’s leadership. “None of PNL’s official, representative and legitimate leaders have betrayed and none will. None.”

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