R. of Moldova has new President after three-year crisis

The election of Nicolae Timofti was saluted by Bucharest and by European leaders.

Nicolae Timofti, the candidate of the Alliance for European Integration, was elected President of the Republic of Moldova by the Moldovan Parliament on Friday, his election thus putting an end to a political crisis that lasted for more than two years. The country was led by an interim president during that time. President of the Supreme Council of the Magistracy until recently, Nicolae Timofti (63) was voted by 62 MPs, the minimum threshold needed being of 61 votes. Timofti was backed by the leaders of the ruling alliance – Vlad Filat, Mihai Ghimpu and Marian Lupu. In his victory speech Nicolae Timofti pledged to defend state powers “in line with the Constitution,” and to promote “cooperation between state powers.” He had previously announced that as President his first visit abroad will be to Brussels. Immediately after the vote, Romanian President Traian Basescu called Timofti to congratulate him, wishing him success in fulfilling his term. “President Basescu assured him of his full support for the continuation of internal reform processes and for moving closer to the European Union,” a Presidency communiqué reads. Likewise, the Romanian Head of State noted the major importance of the election that overcame the institutional gridlock seen in the Republic of Moldova in the past 3 years. At the same time, President Basescu also congratulated the Moldovan political class for the agreement expressed in Parliament. The Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry saluted the election too, deeming that it “represents a guarantee for the continuation of the internal reform process and of commitments made in relations with the European Union.” “Romania reiterates its support for the Republic of Moldova’s European route and expresses its hope that the efforts of the Moldovan political class will lead to the finalization of reforms necessary for attaining European objectives that are useful for all citizens of this state,” the communiqué adds. In his turn, Eugen Tomac, head of the Romanian Diaspora Department, opined that the election has put an end “to the state of uncertainty that dominates Bessarabian society” and pointed out that Timofti is “a man of dialogue.” “One can talk about a realistic outlook in what concerns the Republic of Moldova getting closer to the EU and, of course, maintaining a very close, pragmatic, strategic relationship between Bucharest and Chisinau,” Tomac pointed out. PDL MEP Monica Macovei stated that the Alliance for European Integration and its partners will continue to adopt the measures needed in order for the Republic of Moldova to join the European Union as soon as possible. Atilla Korodi, Chairman of the Lower Chamber’s Foreign Policy Commission, stated that the election “means a move closer to Romania (…) and to the EU (…) and an urgent resolving of frozen problems, namely of the situation in Transdniester.” Titus Corlatean, Chairman of the Senate’s Foreign Policy Commission, saluted the election too, stating that “it will offer stability to the Alliance for European Integration government and continuity to the internal reform and rapprochement with the EU initiatives.” PSD considers that the election opens Moldova’s road towards the EU, the Social-Democrats being of the opinion that it should also lead to an improvement in Romanian – Moldovan relations. PNL also expressed its support for consolidating bilateral relations. Joseph Daul, President of the EPP group within the EP, stated that the period of “political instability” in the Republic of Moldova has ended and the road to reform has been “cleared.” “The time has come for Moldovan politicians to make progress on the European route. (…) The Republic of Moldova has proven a real commitment and we are waiting to see more progress in what concerns the country’s reforms,” Daul pointed out, being quote by Mediafax.

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