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July 2, 2022

New attack on PDL important leaders for not running in local elections

President Basescu has fired another arrow in the direction of the old PDL leaders during the B1 TV show, blaming them for refusing to run in the local elections. He said he had introduced in the party the principle of the candidacy in local elections, reminding that he had also been a candidate for the Bucharest municipality both in 2000 and 2004, when he was the president of the party. ‘(…) I’m saying this huffily, for I am genuinely upset abut the fact that they refuse to run in the local election. What kind of an important leader can you be as long as you don’t obtain votes in local elections? (…) That’s the problem important PDL leaders have. They have very important rights, but they don’t have the right to engage in the political battle, because they could be damaged,’ the president said.At the same time, the president thinks old PDL leaders should go on TV more in order to reverse the opinion poll trend which indicates that USL will be the election winner. ‘PDL is hiding, look what people they send on TV, (…) with no professional or political authority. Have you ever seen the important people on TV during crises? No, they are just important,’ Basescu said. He gave the example of the Bucharest Mayor, Sorin Oprescu who, according to him, can be beaten by any of the PDL important leaders, because he has not completed any of his two major projects – the suspended motorway and the green area between Alba Iulia and Unirii. Asked why Elena Udrea was not going to run for mayor of the capital, Basescu answered that she ‘doesn’t stand a chance’ because ‘that’s what opinion polls say’. In addition, in the president’s opinion, Elena Udrea and Roberta Anastase are not ‘important’. ‘Udrea and Anastase are just growing. When they have been 10-15 years in PDL, they will be important. They still have some politics to eat, they are becoming,’ he said. Replying to the reproaches of the president, PDL President Emil Boc said the party was ‘only at the beginning of the process of nominating candidates’ and that there would still be some time before it completes that and draws conclusions, avoiding to say if he was going to stand for election as mayor of Cluj-Napoca. PDL first Vice-President Sorin Frunzaverde on his part combated Basescu: ‘As far as I can remember, I am the candidate for the office of president of the Caras-Severin County Council. Or am I not one of the important people of this party?’ The President of the Democrat Liberal Women Organisation, Sulfina Barbu, avoided making any comments, saying just that the president knew what he was talking about since he had been the president of PDL, therefore knowing the party very well.

Trust in PM Ungureanu

Traian Basescu also said during the same TV show that he and PM Mihai Razvan Ungureanu shared ‘a chemistry of trust’ , built during the years when he had been in charge of SIE and the foreign ministry. The president’s only concern regarding the PM is about him failing in his current term. Basescu does not exclude the possibility of differences between him and Ungureanu, but he trusts such issues will never be taken to a point where they might affect government stability as it happened with Calin Popescu Tariceanu.




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