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October 7, 2022

PDL wants referendum on amending the Constitution organized simultaneously with local elections

USL will not take part in, nor vote for any Constitutional modification with this Parliament,’ PSD President Victor Ponta replied.

Three years after the referendum on switching to a single-chamber Parliament and on lowering the number of MPs, PDL wants to ask Romanians to take part in another referendum, this time on the need to amend the Constitution. “Our goal is to organize, on the date of local elections (June 10 – editor’s note), a referendum on amending the Constitution so that this autumn we could organize Parliamentary elections on the basis of a single-chamber Parliament with 300 MPs,” PDL President Emil Boc stated yesterday at the end of the party’s Permanent National Bureau (BPN) meeting, being quoted by Mediafax. According to Emil Boc, the Constitutional amendment project contains the following points: switching to a single-chamber Parliament, lowering the number of MPs, limiting the budget deficit and the public debt, confiscating wealth for acts of corruption. The PDL leader however claims that the modifications cannot be made in the absence of opposition MPs because the votes of two thirds of the Senators and Deputies are needed. In this context, he asked USL representatives to give up their strike. “The invitation starts tomorrow (today – editor’s note) when the debates on amending the Constitution start at the Juridical Commission. (…) It’s the best opportunity (for the opposition – editor’s note) to come back and to show support for an issue of public interest,” Boc added. In his turn, PDL spokesperson Sever Voinescu stated that the opposition could be sanctioned at the ballot box for its position if it chooses the path of boycott. “I expect the opposition to come at the debates. (…) It’s its problem if it doesn’t answer this invitation,” Voinescu added. The opposition’s answer was not late in coming. PSD President Victor Ponta stated that USL will not take part in nor vote for any Constitutional modification with the current Parliament. “We have very clearly announced that we are not taking part in nor voting for any Constitutional modification with this Parliament, after November we will surely have to do it. But UDMR and the ethnic minorities have surely announced this too. So PDL-UNPR do not even have a simple majority, let alone a two-thirds majority; so I believe Mr. Boc doesn’t really know what he is talking about,” Ponta stated, being quoted by jurnalul.ro. In his turn, PNL Vice President Mihai Voicu stated that PDL’s proposal on organizing a referendum on amending the Constitution simultaneously with the June 10 local elections does not seem a serious issue. “I don’t recall what constitutional prerogatives Mr. Boc has in order to announce a referendum. (…) Anyway, the referendum on amending the Constitution can be organized only after the Parliament goes through the amendment procedure with two thirds of the votes in order to forward a proposal. I suspect Mr. Boc knows that,” Voicu stated.

List of PDL candidates for local elections, ready by April 18

In what concerns the list of PDL candidates in local elections, the Democrat-Liberals seem in no hurry at all. Yesterday they decided that April 18 will be the deadline for completing the list. Until then, according to PDL President Emil Boc, all political and sociological analyses will be made at the level of each mayoralty in order to establish the candidates. “In what concerns the mayors and the presidents of local councils in office, we have almost completed the analysis, so that we will reconfirm for a new term most of those that hold these public administration offices today,” Boc said.However, things are somewhat clearer within USL. According to USL representatives, its list of candidates has been finalized, so that the candidates for county councils and for the mayoralties of county capitals have been established. On the other hand, negotiations on the way in which candidates for Bucharest’s districts will be distributed are ongoing, the only certain candidature being Sorin Oprescu’s candidature for another term as Bucharest general mayor. Likewise, Andrei Chiliman and Marian Vanghelie have been reconfirmed as candidates in District 1 and District 5 respectively.

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