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October 2, 2022

Dardenne films along with motion pictures from Egypt and Morocco at Francophone Fest

Five films directed by the Dardenne brothers, as well as movies from such far-flung places as Morocco, Egypt, Canada and Switzerland will be projected during March 23-29 at the “Elvira Popescu” Hall of the French Institute in Bucharest, according to the Institute’s website. “The Living”/Les Vivants”, a documentary directed  by Eduardo Lucatero, Canada, 2011, where  five apprentices in thanatology introduce the viewers to the universe of death, will be the first film shown in the festival, Friday, 6:30 pm, followed at 8:30 pm by the documentary feature “Tahrir 2011: “Le Bon, le mechant et le politician” <The Good, the Bad and the Politician>, by Ayten Amin and Tamir Ezzat, Egypt, 2011, about the Egyptian  protesters who kept pressing for their demands even after the toppling of Hosni Mubarak. The film was selected in the outside-competition section at the Venice International Film Festival.On the next two evening, there will be shown “La Folie Almayer”/The Almayer Madness, directed by Chantal Ackerman, a Belgian-French co-production, 2011, a story about passion, perdition and madness set in Southeast Asia, a film adaptation of a Joseph Conrad novel, and “Omar m’a tuer”/“Omar Killed Me”, France/Morroco 2011, which presents the famous 1991 Ghislaine Marchal murder case where the victim’s gardener, Omar Raddad, was sentenced to death despite always professing his innocence.“La Petite chamber”/”The Small Room” directed by Stephanie Chuat, Veronique Reymond (Switzerland/Luxembourg, 2011) tells the story of an old cardiac sufferer who wants to be independent of his young nurse, and “Incendies”/”Scorched” by Denis Villeneuve, Canada/France, 2010.Next week’s Monday thru Thursday is dedicated to films directed by brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne – “Le gamin au velo”/The Kid with a Bike” (2011), “L’Enfant”/”The Kid” (2005); “Le Silence de Lorna”/”Lorna’s Silence” (2008); “La Promesse”/”The Promise” (1996) and “Rosetta” (1999).

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