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May 17, 2022

Opposition accuses power of breaking political algorithm for the appointment of institution heads

Parliament is being ravaged by yet another scandal after the opposition accused the power of breaking the algorithm for the appointment of the leaders of several institutions reporting to the parliament. The Standing Bureaus of the two chambers decided to call a common meeting on Tuesday at 15:00 to vote on the nominees for the leadership of the seven institutions subordinated to the parliament. The leaders of the parliamentary groups discussed the conclusion of a protocol on the sharing of positions in those seven institutions, but the opposition said it didn’t agree to the protocol. According to it, the vice-president offices at the institution of the Ombudsman should go to PNL, PSD, UNPR and UDMR and the president of the Permanent Electoral Authority would be appointed by PDL. At CNVM, PDL would hold the president position, PSD the vice-president and the commissioners should be appointed by PSD, PDL and UNPR. CNSAS will have three members named by PDL, two by PNL, two by PSD, one by UNPR and one by UDMR. The leader of PNL senators, Puiu Hasotti, denounced the fact that the power wanted to appropriate all the leading offices in those institutions, saying that, following the two rounds of talks, only the leaders of the majority decided, ‘as usually’. ‘The power refuses to ascertain that it has only 52 per cent and the opposition 48 per cent and the leaders of the majority coalition deemed appropriate to distribute as they liked the positions that were to be shared according to the political algorithm. It is not the first time. (…) We will see if we make the proposals, if we participate in plenary sitting or not’, said the Liberal senator, according to Mediafax. Hasotti stressed out that the institutions should be discussed together rather than separately. Asked about the representation in CNSAS, Puiu Hasotti said the opposition had four seats and the power seven. ‘PDL should expect some even bigger surprises starting with December, because we won’t comply with the political algorithm either’, Hasotti concluded.In response, lower and upper chamber Speakers Roberta Anastase and Vasile Blaga say that all the group leaders representing both the power and the opposition agreed to the protocol on the distribution of positions at the seven institutions, Blaga arguing that ‘not by a long shot’ does PDL claim the leadership of all those institutions. The leader of PDL MPs in the Chamber of Deputies, Mircea Toader, in turn said the power should preserve those positions for the opposition, even if USL decided not to name any occupants.

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