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May 15, 2021

Prigoana gives up running for PDL in local election

The MP claims ‘party heavyweights’ Teodor Baconschi, Cristian Preda and Theodor Paleologu attacked him.

The nomination of candidates in the local election is inflaming spirits inside the main Romanian political parties. PDL MP  Silviu Prigoana yesterday announced that he was not going to be a candidate in the local election in Bucharest for the Democrat-Liberals after all, unhappy that ‘party heavyweights’such as  Teodor Baconschi, Cristian Preda and Theodor Paleologu do not consider him to be ‘intellectual enough’ to represent the party. ‘I expect the <party heavy figures>:  Mr. Baconschi, First Vice-President, to join the election race, Minister Paleologu (ex-Minister of Culture – our note) or MEP Cristian Preda, all important leaders of this party in the leading structures, who need to demonstrate both to themselves and the public what they can achieve. Otherwise, they have very big mouths. I am looking forward to that’, realitatea.net quotes Prigoana as having said. He nonetheless suggested that he has not given up on the idea of running in the local election on June 10. ‘In conclusion, I wm not going to be PDL’s candidate because there are party front-rankers who deserve their place on the candidate lists, who should enter a confrontation and a direct competition because otherwise, becoming a foreign minister thanks to Prigoana’s voting ball is simple. A ballot is more complicated thing’, added the MP, hinting at the ex-FM Teodor Baconschi. Asked if he was planning to stand for election in Bucharest as an independent candidate or perhaps for another party, the PDL MP avoided giving a straight answer, but did say that he was not going to quit PDL. ‘If the party doesn’t like what I say, let it expel me’, Prigoana concluded. In reply, PDL Vice-President Theodor Paleologu said he had never attacked Silviu Prigoana and that he had had no contribution to his decision of not running for mayor of Bucharest. ‘These are his calculations, his projects. He put me on the list without a reason. He probably has something against the intellectuals. I, on the contrary, received his unfair criticism quite serenely’, Paleologu said. PDL MEP Cristian Preda in turn told RFI that Prigoana’s decision not to stand for election as mayor of the capital was both a loss and a gain for the party. ‘If he had not pulled out, we would have nevertheless had a candidate. There is very little time left till the election and we have no candidate yet. On the other hand, it is a gain because, for now, in his capacity as prospective candidate, Mr. Prigoana has only said he wanted us to be like in Belarus, namely to introduce the death penalty’. The MEP notes that Prigoana’s aggressive discourse against intellectuals reminded him of the Communist Party or Ion Iliescu’s rhetoric.

Victor Mocanu resigns from PSD to run for CJ as independent candidate

There are also unhappy people regarding the lists of candidates in the local election due this summer in the opposition. Protesting the fact that PSD had given PNL the presidency of the County Council (CJ), USL naming Liberal Senator Cristi Bigiu as a candidate of the Union in the local election, Victor Mocanu (currently President of Buzau County Council – our note) has decided to resign from PSD and run as an independent candidate for a new term. ‘I was pushed to an independent candidacy by political swaps at a national level, done beyond the interests of the Buzau people’, Mocanu said. He also said there were mayors in PSD who had said would support him as an independent candidate for the presidency of the Buzau County Council and not USL’s candidate. The decision of the Buzau County Council to resign from his party was not taken very well by PSD leader Victor Ponta. He admitted to that, but noted that the important thing is that the Democrat-Liberals, through their candidate, Cezar Preda, do not win the presidency of the Buzau County Council. ‘As I have already said, I am not particularly happy with the solution reached (in Buzau – our note). I would have thought the better thing for PSD was to have its own candidate in the county, but this is what was negotiated in USL, even if PSD lost the county’, Ponta said. He added that he was pleased with the PSD candidate for mayor of Buzau, Constantin Boscodeala, a man he can count on.

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