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March 24, 2023

Cigarette pack price goes up RON 0.20 from July 1

A packet of cigarettes will be RON 0.20 more expensive starting July 1, when the total excise will increase from 76.6 euro/1000 cigarettes to 79.19 euro/1000 cigarettes, as stipulated in the tobacco excise alignment timetable set until 2017, Mediafax reports. The average retail price in 2011 stood at 130.7 euro/1000 cigarettes, and 11,1863/packet respectively. The July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013 excise price/1000 cigarettes will be of 53.18 euro/1000 cigarettes, while the excise ad valorem goes down from 21 pc to 20 pc of the median sale price. The fixed excise therefore goes up 1.7 euro/1000 cigarettes, from 51.49 euro, or 3.4 cents/pack (RON 0.15). As of July 1, the minimum excise will be of 76.5 euro/1000 cigarettes, up 2.5 euro above the current 74 euro/1000 cigarettes.

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