Exhibition of peasant outfits worn by city ladies at MTR

The ‘Beautiful peasant clothes worn by city ladies’ exhibition by Peter Jacobi, opened at the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant (MTR) yesterday. The exhibition presents photographs belonging to the collection of artist Peter Jacobi, mainly showing ladies of the Romanian aristocracy and bourgeoisie wearing traditional Romanian outfits. The artist lets time work on period images and often helps it by direct intervention on the photographic paper, seemingly to enhance the feeling of the ephemeral character of human creation. Since before the War of Independence until early 1940, many photographs immortalised the attitudes of ladies from the Romanian upper class, the artist stopping in his artistic endeavour exactly on such images.The adoption at the Court of the traditional Romanian outfit, before then deemed to be just wearable by peasants, happened thanks to Queen Elisabeta. Her example was followed by Queen Maria and Princesses Elisabeta, Maria and Ileana, as well as by a majority of the Romanian aristocracy ladies. Peasant clothing slowly penetrated a society which, in those times, was more tempted to imitate West-European dress codes than to assert the virtues of local tradition. The exhibition can be visited at the Guest Hall of the Museum, Tuesday to Sunday between 10:00 and 18:00, until April 29, 2012. Entry is free.

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