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May 25, 2022

Merkel: Eurozone must avoid Greek exit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has told the BBC it would be a huge political mistake if debt-stricken Greece was allowed to leave the euro. In an exclusive Newsnight interview, she said Germany would do everything it could to keep the eurozone together. She also calmed fears of further bailouts for eurozone countries, saying important lessons had been learned. And she applauded the UK government’s austerity programme, saying “no country can live beyond its means”.Greece recently won approval for a second bailout of 130bn euros intended to help keep it afloat until 2014. Germany is having to pay more than any other country for the package – angering many German citizens and politicians. Despite the measures, some analysts fear Greece might need even more help. Asked how she saw the future for Greece, Mrs Merkel told the BBC’s Newsnight programme that Athens had repeatedly said it wanted to remain within the eurozone.

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