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January 31, 2023

Presidential aide’s analysis on redefining Romania’s foreign policy

According to an analysis on Romania’s relation with Russia, an analysis authored by Iulian Chifu, Presidential aide for strategic affairs, security and foreign policy, and quoted by ‘Adevarul’ daily, security in Eastern Europe, including in the former Soviet space, should become once more a priority of Romania’s foreign policy, as well as the European Union’s, after the Russian Federation appointed Dmitry Rogozin as “special envoy for Transdniester.” In Chifu’s opinion, Rogozin is “a bellicose diplomat” that stood out by making numerous aggressive statements about Romania. “Through this assignment, Europe and America alike receive a solid signal that the stake of the Transdniester region (…) has changed dramatically, that Moscow’s weight has been placed solidly and for the long-term on the issue of the Republic of Moldova’s separatist Dniester region. And the scale of such a signal cannot go unnoticed, it certainly cannot go unanswered adequately,” the analysis reads. According to Chifu, the appointment of Rogozin, a person that has a critical agenda in what concerns the missile shield, “is an opposite signal, a “hard landing” in security.” “Romania is in a situation in which it has to set the tone and assume that it has understood this message and is picking up the gauntlet, that it is not deriding nor disregarding this gesture made at the start of Vladimir Putin’s new term in office. (…) Romania has to give a very clear signal by making an adequate appointment and by dealing with the security issue at the Eastern border at a top political level,” the analysis adds. According to the Presidential aide, this new “Mr. Security has to be a diplomat, a balanced person and a good professional that enjoys a solid political backing beyond the majority too.” Chifu states that apart from making this appointment Romania has to raise once again the issue of the resources the army needs: “multirole fighters for air policing, the air defence system, elements and capabilities for the protection of national territory and resources for knowing the situation at Romania’s, EU’s and NATO’s Eastern border.” The analysis ends by showing that “it’s time to overcome the reserves and the defensive position we placed ourselves in and were placed in with the help of others, and to clearly and loudly express our interests and the legitimacy of approaching security issues in the East. Thus we will be able to avoid an imbalanced situation in which the desire of a solution at global or European geopolitical level would generate pressure exclusively on Chisinau, while Russia has placed in Tiraspol the full weight of an inflexible and vocal Deputy Prime Minister in charge of force structures, aggressive in statements and poltroon, whose role of intimidation, as well as the Great Russian nationalist content of his discourse, was repeatedly proven.”

R. of Moldova, dissatisfied with Rogozyn as Russian envoy for Transdniester

Russia’s naming of Dmitry Rogozin as permanent envoy for Transdniester has sparred criticism in R. of Moldova. The Moldovan officials expressed dissatisfaction with the appointment, saying this is the start of Vladimir Putin’s foreign policy, according to Nezavisimaia Gazeta, quoted by Hotnews. The Moldovan foreign ministry says ‘the appointment of Rogozyn is total surprise. On the other hand, this decision shows the importance Moscow pays to the Transdnestrian conflict. However the step has not been agreed with the Moldovan authorities,’ the ministry stresses. FM Iurie Leanca added that the Russian funding for Tiraspol has to reach destination through Chisinau.


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