Raiffeisen Bank posts 16 pc net profit increase in 2011

Raiffeisen Bank achieved a net profit of EUR 96 M in 2011, up 16 per cent against the previous year, when it reached EUR 83 M, according to a press release. “The good capitalisation, along with the diversification of our resources allowed us to increase the income of the bank by 6 pc and continue our development. (…) In 2012 too, we will continue the initiatives aimed at increasing the efficiency of the bank and simplifying the processes, in view of better serving our customers,” said Steven van Groningen, President and CEO of Raiffeisen Bank Romania.At the end of 2011, the total value of assets of Raiffeisen Bank stood at EUR 5.521 bln, 8 pc higher year-on-year. The volume of loans managed by the bank advanced by 16 pc against 2010, to EUR 3.53 bln, while the volume of deposits went up 7 pc, to EUR 3.95 bln. Also in 2011, expenses went slightly up by 3 per cent, as a consequence of a higher contribution to the deposit guarantee fund, and of a higher VAT. The cost/incomes ratio improved to 63.1 pc, against 64.5 pc in 2010, driven by higher incomes.In its turn, the corporate segment had very good results this year as well, when it remained one of the main pillars of incomes and profit for the bank, in these difficult years.Moreover, despite a modest demand for loans, the retail segment experienced an asset increase of approximately 18 pc, while deposits soared by 15 pc. “We are pleased with the evolution of the SME segment, 26 per cent increase in terms of crediting and 17 per cent growth in terms of liabilities, compared to 2010,” Steven van Groningen added.Treasury operations had an important contribution to the good results of the bank, accounting for about 17 per cent of incomes. Portfolios of state bonds worth about EUR 863 M (accounting for 16 per cent of assets) secure an optimum liquidity for the bank’s accounting balance sheet. Worth mentioning, all the figures provided by the communiqué are audited in compliance with the international financial reporting standards (IFRS).

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