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August 8, 2022

World Theatre Day observed in Bucharest too

March 27 was decreed World Theatre Day for the first time in 1961, being observed in Vienna. Since 1962 it is marked annually across the world through a series of special events. In Romania several theatres organized a series of events, including the “Artists for Artists” campaign through which the proceeds from certain shows will be donated to artists that have difficulties. Another original event is the “World Theatre Day in Hungarian and Romanian, but in the international language of the stage.” Organized at the theatre in Miercurea Ciuc, the event will feature two different takes on the same text: Istvan Orkeny’s “Familia Toth” (“The Toth Family”) from the Bucharest-based Cultural Centre for UNESCO and “Tóték” (“The Toth Family”) from the Miercurea Ciuc Theatre. On the same day, Metropolis and the UNTEATRU independent theatre will launch the “Independent Theatre Companies’ Day at Metropolis Theatre.” Each month Metropolis will open its doors to independent theatre companies and will present new productions alongside partner theatres.

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