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October 23, 2021

Syria peace plan to dominate historic Baghdad summit

Arab leaders have begun talks on a UN-backed peace plan for Syria at the first major international summit to be hosted by Iraq in decades, BBC informs. The UN-Arab League plan would see a UN-monitored end to fighting, troops pulled out of opposition areas and access for humanitarian services. Syria agreed to the initiative on Tuesday but violence has continued. Earlier, the head of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, urged Syria “to put commitments into immediate effect”.A number of explosions were heard in central Baghdad as the summit was starting. Two of the blasts occurred near the Iranian embassy, eyewitnesses said. There are unconfirmed reports that an explosion near the city’s secure Green Zone was an IED (improvised explosive device). There was no immediate official confirmation or explanation of the explosions.Fewer than half the Arab League’s 22 leaders have turned up for the summit, with other states sending envoys.It is being held in such tight security at the city’s former Republican Palace that the venue was not initially disclosed to journalists.

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