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March 27, 2023

‘Mediterraneans,’ winner at the NexT Festival

The big winner of the 6th edition of the International Film Festival NexT was the short movie named ‘Mediterraneans,’ by French director Olivier Py. The 6th edition of the NexT festival ended yesterday, when the public of Bucharest was invited to watch the movies that were part of the ‘Semaine de la Critique’ programme. “One does not need to be in the studio to make a wonderful film. The director creates a large-scale cinema poem from 40-year old family video records,” the jury explained. The winner received a prize of EUR 4,000 provided by the Romanian Cultural Institute, plus materials and processing services related to filming, worth EUR 2,000.The ‘Cristian Nemescu’ Best Director award, granted by the Romanian Cultural Institute in the 2012 edition of the NextT Festival, was received by two French short movies: ‘Aglaee’ directed by Rudi Rosenberg and ‘Junior’ directed by Julia Ducournau. The ‘Andrei Toncu’ Best Soundtrack award, worth EUR 2,000 was granted to Spanish sound designer Nacho Arenas, for ‘Camera.’ The best Romanian short film was ‘From now on,’ by Dorian Boguta, which “daringly and honestly” shows what happens when a son forces his father to act like a mature person, reads the motivation of the jury. Like each year, the public had the opportunity to vote its preferred short film in the event. The winner was ‘Hello Kitty!’, directed by Millo Simulov, which received the Award of the Public and will be intensely promoted for two weeks on the facade of the Cocor store.

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