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December 5, 2022

PM Nastase gets three years imprisonment with suspension

Adrian Nastase once again argued that the court cases he is involved in “are taking place publicly within areas of extraordinary pressure.”

Adrian Nastase, former Prime Minister and current President of PSD’s National Council, was sentenced on Friday to three years imprisonment with suspension for blackmail, being acquitted of bribery. The decision was taken by the Supreme Court in the ‘Zambaccian’ case. His wife Dana received a similar sentence for “improperly taking part in using false documents at the customs office,” being acquitted of being accessory to bribery and money laundering. Irina Paula Jianu, former head of the State’s Constructions Inspectorate, received an executory sentence of three years in jail. The court ruled a two-year sentence for her use of company goods against their purpose and a three-year sentence for improperly taking part in using false documents at the customs office. The two sentences were merged, Jianu being set to execute the longest of them. The Nastases have to show up before their probation officer quarterly, to report any change in their place of residence, to report and justify any change of jobs. Friday’s decision can be attacked through an appeal. The National Anticorruption Office (DNA) sent the Nastases and Irina Jianu to court in this case, which dates from 2006, in May 2010. The DNA prosecutors claim that in 2002-2004, while he was Prime Minister, Adrian Nastase received directly and through Daniela Nastase unlawful benefits of approximately EUR 630,000 at the 2003/2004 exchange rate. The benefits consisted of good imported from China and construction works on the houses the Nastase family owns in Cornu and Bucharest. Last December Adrian Nastase was acquitted by the Supreme Court in the ‘Aunt Tamara’ case in which he was charged with corruption alongside his adviser Ristea Priboi and Ion Melinescu, former head of the National Office for Preventing and Combating Money Laundering (ONPCSB). The National Anticorruption Office appealed against the acquittal, the case set to be trialed by a five-judge panel at the High Court. At the end of January, the former Prime Minister received a two-year executory sentence in the ‘Quality Trophy’ case in which he was charged with receiving illegal election campaign funds in 2004, back when he ran for President as a PSD candidate. Adrian Nastase stated he will appeal against the ruling. Adrian Nastase stated on Friday that it’s “a positive thing” that the bribery charge “vanished” through the High Court’s decision, just as it happened in the ‘Aunt Tamara’ case, adding that he will appeal against the three-year sentence he received for the blackmail charge. “It (the blackmail charge – editor’s note) is the only charge and, in my opinion, after we see the court’s reasoning we will attack this through an appeal and the panel will cancel this charge too. (…) I am firmly convinced that all these charges will vanish in the appeal,” Nastase stated. He pointed out that the appeal will also settle the charges brought against his wife and against Irina Jianu. “It also seems to me that the charges brought against my wife, which were very serious, have remained an issue that won’t stand in the appeal. And I hope the charges will be dropped in the case of Irina Jianu too,” Nastase underlined. The PSD leader also added that “DNA prosecutors, with Daniel Morar and Monica Macovei, are absolutely desperate that almost nothing is left of their years-long work,” and once again argued that the court cases he is involved in ““are taking place publicly within areas of extraordinary pressure.” At the same time, he pointed out that he will continue the battle against “the police system” represented by President Traian Basescu, Morar and Macovei, both in court and in political life, underlining that he does not plan to step down from high level politics. PSD President Victor Ponta stated that he is convinced the President of PSD’s National Council will get rid of the last charges left standing against him in the ‘Zambaccian’ case after filing an appeal.

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