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July 30, 2021

Medics’ guild calls on “The Independent” to support its statements

Vasile Astarastoae, president of the Doctors’ College in Romania (CMR), told Mediafax yesterday that the CMR will ask “The Independent” to present evidence to support its statement that “babies are left to die in Romania, unless doctors get their bribe”, otherwise the British daily newspaper will be taken to court. “This is a very grave statement by the journalists. We will conduct our own inquiry. Unless they bring evidence, we will sue them,” the CMR president said, according to whom the British journalists’ allegations that doctors would not work in the Cardiovascular Surgery Department of the “Marie Curie” Hospital because the hospital’s manager prohibited informal payments could be easily challenged. “Romania only has 85 cardiovascular surgeons, and only 23 paediatric surgeons in university centres, who cannot work elsewhere. We have a shortage of staff. You can put positions up for contest not once, but ten times, and you still won’t find doctors,” Astarastoae explained. Astarastoae’s statement comes after The Independent reported that, a quarter of a century since the West learned about the orphanages in Ceausescu’s Romania, children are again victims, of endemic corruption this time, since “doctors won’t work unless they get bribes”.

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