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October 16, 2021

MEP Cristian Preda ousted from PDL

Preda has been punished because he refused to endorse Prigoana for Bucharest Mayor.

The exclusion of MEP Cristian Preda from the Democrat Liberal Party (PDL) has been sanctioned yesterday by the party’s leadership. The final decision is to be taken by the PDL’s National Council for Coordination. PDL’s vice-president Theodor Paleologu regretted the decision and said he voted against the MEP’s exclusion. Paleologu said he had often heard his party colleagues saying “F*** the intellectuals!”. Just hours after it was announced, Prigoana’s nomination to run for Bucharest City Hall has been challenged by MEP Cristian Preda. The latter stated he cannot support Silviu Prigoana: “I can’t endorse someone who asked for my exclusion as a condition to run for Mayor,” Preda wrote. Preda announced on his personal blog that, for Bucharest City Hall, he will choose an independent, Nicusor Dan, and for the rest of the elections he will support all PDL candidates, asking himself if by this decision he could be placed outside the Bucharest organization. This wasn’t the first time Cristian Preda challenged the party’s decisions. His negative reactions and his attitude especially within the blogosphere and the constant criticism regarding PDL leadership – including ex-PM Emil Boc – have been decisive yesterday.Silviu Prigoana stated he asked for Preda’s exclusion from the party because he wasn’t part of the party anymore since he denigrated Emil Boc and the candidate for Bucharest City Hall, meaning himself. Ahead of the vote, PDL Bucharest president Elena Udrea said she considers inappropriate the attitude of MEP Cristian Preda since two years ago, adding she won’t be the one to make the proposition for his expulsion but if this proposition will be made she would vote “for”.  PDL president Emil Boc said the decision of Preda’s exclusion is “very firm and categorical”, based on the fact that Preda supported another candidate for the local elections.  Boc also stated that the decision was taken at the proposition of Stefan Pirpiriu and that there were 30 votes “for”, two “against” and one abstention, the vote being secret. When asked how he comments Preda’s reaction after he found out about his dismissal from PDL, Boc said: “This is the decision PDL made, it is very firm. In the electoral competition one can’t have politicians supporting his opponents. Within an electoral competition, within a party, after the decision has been made, one has to respect it. Until the decision is made everyone can have a point of view. But after it has been made a decision regarding a candidate, the party supports it. Whoever doesn’t want this thing can support another candidate, but one out of PDL,” explained Boc. PSD president Victor Ponta stated yesterday PDL made a positive gesture for MEP Cristian Preda and that he didn’t understand what Preda was doing in the democrat-liberal organisation anyway. “I don’t understand what he was doing there. Maybe only the position he held at Brussels. Anyway, I believe it was a positive decision for him.”


Preda thinks Udrea is behind his ousting

MEP Cristian Preda believes PDL’s decision regarding his exclusion out of the party represents “an abuse planed by Elena Udrea”, “a trap” within which the leadership of the party fell, adding he will do justice for himself. “It’s an abuse framed up by Elena Udrea, a form without a fond of the Romanian politics”, stated Preda for Mediafax. He added it is regrettable the fact that PDL feel in this trap. “It’s regrettable that PDL fell in the trap which was put by someone who three days ago said all the people want me as the candidate. I will do justice for myself!”, said Preda.

Vasile Blaga to lead PDL’s local elections campaign

PDL’s Permanent National Bureau (BPN) appointed Vasile Blaga coordinator of the party’s local elections campaign yesterday. PDL President Emil Boc stated that considering the experience he has in leading elections campaigns and the fact that a part of the members of the elections commission are running in local elections, the “best solution” he proposed within the BPN was for Vasile Blaga to lead the local elections campaign. PDL MP Cezar Preda stated on Wednesday in an interview for Mediafax that in order to succeed in the elections PDL has to choose a team that will lead the party in the campaign, a team headed by Vasile Blaga, this not entailing replacing PDL’s current President.


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