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December 1, 2022

Eurobarometer: Romanians’ confidence in EU direction reaches lowest level

Romanians’ confidence in the EU direction decreased 14 per cent in 2011 to 46 per cent, reads a Eurobarometer presented yesterday by the EC representative office to Bucharest. This is the lowest level ever regarding Romanians’ trust in the EU according to the findings of the survey, the top level – around 85 per cent – being reached in the pre-accession period.The rhythm of decrease in trust has been a hasten one, thus while at EU 27 level the decrease in trust regarding the fact that EU direction is the correct one was only 8 per cent, when talking about Romania the erosion has been higher to about 14 per cent. Despite all these, the study shows that “although Romania matches with the visible tendency of decrease in trust met at all member states, somehow it is placed above the European average level of trust which reaches 38 per cent.”Romania is, from this perspective of trust in EU direction, the 12th country in a ranking topped by Sweden (67 per cent), Latvia (65 per cent), Bulgaria (60 per cent) and closed by Portugal (30 per cent), Spain (28 per cent) and Italy (21 per cent).At the same time, the respondents in Romania are not only unhappy with the direction adopted by the EU but also they are considering themselves insufficiently informed on European matters. The Eurobarometer presented yesterday shows that one out of five Romanians believe they are well or very well informed on European matters, while three out of four Romanians think they lack information on these subjects. “Regarding the level of information on European matters, only one out of five Romanians believe they are very well or well informed. Opposite to this situation, almost three out of four Romanians consider themselves to be insufficiently informed. The percentage is similar to the one showed by the rest of the Europeans,” reads the study. The study also shows that television is the main source of information on European matters for the Romanians as well as for the citizens of the rest of the European countries. Radio and Internet have a similar impact both in Romania and the rest of Europe. The significant difference between the Romanians and the rest of the Europeans arise in the case of written press. In this case, only one out of eight Romanians find written media a source of information in regards of EU matters, while one out of three Europeans make use of this source of information.The opinion manifested by the Romanians regarding the way mass media reflects the EU image is, on its turn, close to the one manifested by the rest of the Europeans when referring to radio, written press and Internet websites. About the television, 63 per cent of the Romanians and 55 per cent of the citizens of the rest of the EU states believe the above mentioned source of information is objective in regards of European matters.

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